Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Since I have been gone for so long I thought I should remind all of you that I do still have Beadwright Etsy and Beadwright Artfire stores. LOL I know it may seem like I don't but if you need seed beads and especially Charlottes head over to my Beadwright Etsy store. For other beads try my Beadwright Artfire store. Also if you are looking for essential oils I have them in both stores. OK that is it. Have fun shopping.

Flatwork is not the same without Charlotte cuts

don't forget the Charlotte kits!

These tiles are perfect for beaded rings.
Ahhhh twisted silver bugles!!!!!

Honor and Integrity in life in art


  1. Hi Nicole. Those are all very nice. I hope your brother is doing a little better. Just stopped by to say hi. Doing a little catching up on visiting blogs. Have a great Friday.

  2. Don't worry I am saving as many nickles and dimes I can (it may take a while though) I want to try a kit like the one Belinda did (I always mention that orange is my favorite color) Wait do you take nickles and dimes?


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