Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello Everyone!
First and foremost is thank you for all of the kindness, the caring, the wonderfulness of all of you. Hmmm wonderfulness? is that a word??? LOL Well if it isn't is should be. I am overwhelmed with love and happiness that all of you have passed on to me, Vince, and my family.

Soooooo.... I wrote to Marie this morning telling her that I am so tired of being sad and worried. I will still be sad and worried, however, I need to stay busy and do fun things. OH... does that mean I can stop the spring cleaning????? :) Yesterday I actually got a lot done around here. Everything on my work table is finished and I started a project that has been rattling in my head for awhile. Now I hardly EVER show works in progress. But I am hoping this will bring a smile to your face. Mike is cracking up over it. He can't "see" my vision. ha ha ha he usually can't until the art is done.
Here is one of your laughs for today

Take the top of a gourd. Clean it inside and out. Stain it, polish it then carve out eye sockets.

Then pop the eye balls in. You have to admit it... you are at least smiling.
ha ha ha
P.S. The sun is shinning in Florence today.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. thanks for starting my day with a smile :)

  2. Miss did you get that picture of me when I first wake up??? That is so what it reminds me just needs a mess of hair all over and yep thats me!!! lol Thanks for the smile! Still sending you warm wishes and happy thoughts...big hugs Beth

  3. I have a gourd, I have tools to cut it with and stains to stain it with but I have no spare eyeballs. I might play anyway.

    Only gray and wet up here.

  4. I'll bet you can't keep a straight face while you are working on this! So funny!

  5. hehe....thank you for the smile today. I needed it! :D

  6. Very cute - he already looks cheeky. Can't wait to see how he turns out in the end.

    Keep smiling.


  7. there is power and healing in laughter!
    prayers continue for your brother.
    sending hugs and laughter your way!!!

  8. Oh, that's awesome! I can't wait to see where you take this project!!!


  9. Hi Nicole. Now that did make me smile too. I think it's great. I hope your brother Vince is doing better. Try not to worry so much because you know how it is when one is feeling down. Other things always start to affect us. Like me and what's going on with my mom right now and getting a really bad cold and lots of headaches. I'm trying to think positive. I hope you do stay busy because that does help. Take care.

  10. Not just smiling, but grinning so hard my face hurt- made DH Kurt come look at it too! He is over there snorting and cackling.

  11. I am loving, where I think you are going wih this :)
    Thanks for the smile sweetie!


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