Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I don't normally cry over split milk, however, this morning I just about cried over this disastrous mess. Boo hoo hoo. No... really I am just a bit disappointed but not to tears. Here is Alvin, you remember him from an earlier post. He is my strange alien human sculpture I finished yesterday. He dried beautifully and was ready to bead. I picked him up looked him over and then he went flying out of my hands!!!!! There Alvin was all in pieces on the floor. And the pieces were scattered everywhere! OMG poor Alvin. Naaahhhh I don't think I will cry I will just make another one.

Alvin started out like this

Alvin can see

Alvin has a face

Alvin is dead

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Alvin was awesome! So sorry he exploded.

  2. awwww poor alvin...may he rest in pieces!!! sorry couldnt resist that one! he was looking so horrible for it to end this way for him. we should all give a moments pause to ponder on what good he could have he might have changed the world...ok enuf. sorry that happened to you...hope you make another one...he was a handsome lil guy. big hugs beth

  3. Ahhh thanks girls. You just crack me up Beth.

  4. OH NO!!!!!! Well, just like Humpty Dumpty, I'm sure you can put his back together & make him stronger & a wee bit creepier looking! LOL

  5. awww, what happened?
    so sorry!

  6. I'll say a prayer for poor, dead Alvin. May he rise again ...

  7. Oh, man, poor Alvin! So sad... he was so young.

    When will he be reincarnated?

  8. Poor,Poor Alvin. I thought he was such a nice alien human sculpture, but that was rather rude of him to self-destruct. He didn't even wait to see how he would be beaded--his loss!

  9. no fair

    my he rest in pieces was MY first thought

    then I saw the above comment

    now I got nothin'

  10. Oh no! Poor guy! He was hecka cool looking!

  11. Don' throw away the pieces they would really look nice in a sculpture.
    Your talents are many Nicole, what a nice job on his face.

  12. Even though they're awful, sometimes these moments in life can turn out great. Personally, I love that incredibly long reaction time that goes with such a disaster. I often wish I could see my own face when these things happen.

    PS: Would you like to play the 6th Photo game?

  13. Nicole, Anthony was hanging over my shoulder just now and said, 'What is THAT?!' LOL Alvin was looking amazing, so sorry he ended up in pieces. Hope he's reincarnated into an even more amazing being!

  14. Hi Nicole, hope you are doing good. Oooh poor Alvin. He was looking pretty good. I'm trying to catch up a little on posts, but don't think I'll make too many more stops as I have to go pick up a small cake for my hubby (b/day) and something to fix for a special dinner for him tonight. I've been away as you know and am headed back this weekend, so I have very little time because I have to catch up on my work here at home. Have a great weekend Nicole and take care and be well.


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