Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hi Everyone!

So far today, Sunday, it has been pretty happy. All my orders are finished, supply orders are ready for Monday's mail, the laundry is done, food on the stove for dinner tonight, and I am ready to start a new project. Haaaa does that mean I am caught up??? LOL

Here is a piece I finished this morning. This is a Czech replica buttons. If you have not use these the detail and quality is as good if not better than the antiques. I have some of the antique buttons that I hoard so I am glad for the new ones.

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. ohhhhhh such pretty eye candy!!! almost looks good enuf for desert!great job on this piece! glad you are so much ahead today! now i must go start!!! lol have a great sunday! big hugs beth

  2. Oh that's fabulous Nicole! Sounds like you have a very productive day!

  3. The colors are really pretty in this piece. It reminds me of a shell or a wave.

  4. Wow Nicole, how gorgeous this piece is! it's just beautiful! I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!
    Hugs and happy beading...

  5. Beautiful colors and such wonderful bead work! That is a button in the center? Cool.

    I'm running all over the place today although all right here at home. Getting some outside chores done while the sun shines and also trying to finish up this flag book, painting in it and such. Just messing around! Hope you are getting some of this sun too!

  6. Oh, another beauty. Love your are soo organized for an artist!

  7. That is beeeyouteeful! My favorite colors, and iridescence!


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