Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Today I am getting organized. OMGGGG did I say the " O " word organized?? What I mean is, I have so many things on my to do list that I have been putting off for tomorrow, that this is my tomorrow. So far so good. I have accomplished several things already. Here is another one of my beaded gourds. Old Town Market starts soon and I want lots of new goodies to sell.
I couldn't get a real good photo of the twisted bead work, sorry.
Hope you enjoy.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. wow!!!! so very pretty! who woulda thunk a gourd??? i love your color choices on this one...very springy looking! great job Miss Nicole!

  2. That is beautiful Nicole. Very detailed. I love it. You are so very talented. Thanks for sharing and I hope you SELL, SELL, SELL! Take care.

  3. This is gorgeous, Nicole! What a great idea. The colors are... ooh, la la!

  4. This one turned out so pretty--love the color combo!

  5. Really stunning piece - I just love the twisted bead work. And the colors are so unusual.

    Hope you sell out!

  6. gorgeous!! can i have it? LOL

  7. Your beaded gourds just amaze me, Nicole...each is a work of art, and this one is no exception. I love those colours, the red is so vibrant and inviting. I know you will do well at the markets...I've no doubt your pieces will sell like hotcakes! ;-)



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