Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hi Everyone!
It has been extremely busy for me today. Thank you for all the well wishes for my brother Vince, I am asking that you please continue sending healing energy his way. He is back on dialysis trying to give his donor kidney a rest. He still has an infection that the medical staff can not find and now today there is blood in his urine and he has a fever. I am amazed at my brother's will, his good humor through all of this, and his mental stamina. His name is Vince, he is a single dad of a 16 year old boy, he has battled health issues his entire life due to diabetes diagnosed at the age of 4 years old. If you could meet Vince, he would have you laughing so hard you would pee your pants, your cheeks would be sore, and tears would run down your face. He is so funny. Please what ever your beliefs are what ever your prayer system, say some for Vince.
Thank you so much!!!!

Now that was not going to be my post for today. That all just flowed out. I was going to show you a bracelet I made the other day to go with the ring I posted the other day.

Hope you enjoy the photo

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Healing thoughts for Vince.

    I love the bracelet as well.

  2. Beautiful bracelet Nicole! I continue to keep Vince in my thought snd hope he recovers well. I also hope that you take care of yourself because I know that we can forget about ourselves when we are concerned about somebody else.

  3. I'm sending all my healing prayers to Vince. He gets well soon and can enjoy this beautiful Spring with his son.

  4. I'm praying for Vince! I hope he is able to battle through it :) And the bracelet looks great!

  5. Nicole, I continue to keep Vince--and you--in my heart, with healing thoughts and much love.

  6. Nicole, you know that Vince is in my thoughts and prayers...and you are too.

    I love this bracelet, the colours are so fresh and reminiscent of Spring. The texture is fantastic, I want to reach through my computer and touch it. B. -xo-

  7. Your bracelet is a stunner! I love all the beautiful spring-friendly colors you used.
    I hope your brother feels well soon!
    Theresa :)

  8. I hope your brother pulls through and gets well, Your bracelet is totally beautiful, fine work. My best wishes. Sincerely ,Jonny


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