Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi Everyone!

If you live, or are going to be, in the Newport OR. area in April then you have to check out Nye Cottage Beads and sign up for my Layered Flatwork class. I will be teaching April 24th and space is limited. One of the great things about coming to Nye Cottage Beads other than the bead, is if you are traveling there are cottages to rent right at the bead store. How cool is that???? Linda, the owner is one of the most inviting people I know. Her cottages are meticulously clean, a few blocks from the ocean, just down the street from some very fine shopping, and of course her bead store. Oh and her cottage prices are very reasonable. I will be driving in from Florence on April 24th to teach from 11am to 3pm. I will supply all the materials needed for this class. Bring a sack lunch and get ready for a bead party!!!!
NYE COTTAGE 208 NW Coast Street
P.O. Box 1211 Newport, OR 97365
Tel: (541) 265-6262 Toll Free: 1 (866) 592-5556
Call in and reserve you spot for a great learning experience.

A happy place to shop and bead

Quaint ocean cottages

A place to bead and sleep.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Now how cool is that? A place to bead and sleep? So wished I lived closer...I might learn to bead yet! Have a great time..the place looks awesome and the cottages are so cute!! I will now go back to my cold kitchen here in Ohio!!! (sorry was my envy showing much??? lol) Big hugs Beth

  2. I wish that was Newport, Wales! I'd be there like a shot!

  3. Very nice cottages Nicole. Enjoy your beading class and stay well. I like how regardless of your ongoing problem, you just keep going and going. Are you sure you don't have batteries in you? Tee Hee! :DD Take care.

  4. Classes look like fun and cottage does too. If I hear of anyone headed your way, I will pass along the info. I know you'll be a super teacher with the quality of beadwork you produce.

  5. Hi Nicole, Wow, the cottages look great and I so wish that it was here in Ohio! Maybe one day you can come to Ohio and we can meet and I can take some of your classes!
    I hope that you're feeling good today. Have a wonderful rest of your evening.
    Hugs and happy beading...

  6. What more could one wish for? A place to bead & sleep--that's all I need, LOL! Wish I could be there--have fun!

  7. If only I lived closer...! It would be a very special treat to learn from you, I envy those attending your class! ;-) The cottages look delightful, the perfect seaside retreat. B. -xo-

  8. Oh how I'd loe to be in Oregon so that I could attend. I'd be thrilled to have any instruction from you. It sounds great, enjoy!


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