Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I had a really bad night so today I am running on slow. I guess that I am running at all is a good thing. LOL. I do have some new kits to show you and a teaching date to share with you but for now until I can get my legs maneuvering better here are some things I have in my etsy store. Now for all of us seed beaders, you can hardly beat a Charlotte cut. Along with the old time 3-cuts these are my favorites. Size 13/o Czech hanks. Add these with some Swarovski and your eyes will sparkle out. OMG I don't even know what that means. However, you get the idea.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Those bead sets are gorgeous colors.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    I am sorry it hit you so hard.
    Try and take it easy today.
    Happy Monday and happy spring!
    Love and hugs.

  2. Hi Nicole, I hope that you feel better! The beads are gorgeous! I can't wait to see your kits and hear about your teaching dates, what you're teaching and where. hmm I hope that you may have some internet classes to!
    I hope that your day is a wonderful one! Bead Happy!
    Hugs and happy beading...

  3. Hi Nicole, those beads are beautiful. I'm sorry you are having problems with your legs.::sending healing thoughts to you::

    I know nothing of Charlotte cuts but I know those beads are beautiful. Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week.

  4. Hi ladies, thanks for the healing energy. I am ok just slow to move and the leg thing is from either the brain growths or the spine thing. Who the heck knows. I do know I am sick of being sick. LOL. My spirits are good and I did get things accomplished today.

    OH Gloria.... Charlottes are a size 13/o seed bead that is cut and polished on one side to give off the most incredible sparkle. There are size 15/o and recently size 11/o came out. I am not a fan of the 11/o


  5. I love those colors...they are so happy and cheerful for such a dreary day here. Nice to see some color other than grey! In the weather and my hair! Hope you feel so much better soon. gentle hugs Beth

  6. wow, those colors are gorgeous! can't decide which are my favorites they are all so lovely. you do beautiful work Nicole. I just noticed that you live in OR. My sister lives in Mill City!


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