Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I am chuckling to myself this morning as I read my email and check the comments I received for my blog. One of which is from Patti of Altered Attic. In part here is what she wrote.
you have NOT received your last package from OWOH, thanks to PPP, like me (people w/procrastination problems:) I've packed a large bag of stuff... remember the jewelry repair parts and beads I offered and you won?? I will get it out within the next couple of days, I promise.
So sorry Patti with old age, lupus, brain growths, and well just being a bone head I completely space out your wonderful gift. Thank you so much for keeping me on tract and for making me laugh so early in  the morning.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Oh, and you are not a BONEHEAD. That sounds more like me.
    Tee Hee.:)

  2. Hi Nicole. We all tend to forget and you are not old. How fun winning. I received my two gifts already and I was so happy with them. Hope you are feeling a little better. Take care.

  3. Nicole, you are too funny..and definitely not a bonehead! How did I miss entering that giveaway? Lucky you! I am sure you will do wonderful things with it!

  4. Boneheads Unite! I don't see my boneheadedness as a flaw - it just makes my life more interesting. ;)

    Nice to know there are others out there!


    How ARE you feeling, btw? Better I hope.

  5. Let's come up with a new word for people like us with amazing creative (and other) talents that take up so much space in our brains that there isn't room left for those pesky details, like addresses, mailing, etc. Oh, btw, I still need your address - ha:)


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