Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hi Everyone,
This week has just been crazy nuts for me. I am not finished yet.
When I started beading, long before it was so popular, my work was strictly traditional. I was fortunate to bead for Native American dancers, weddings, and special ceremonial tools. Mike and I traveled vending the pow wow and art show circuits. It was a fun and exciting time. By the 1980s I was making the transition to more contemporary bead art. I taught my first bead class in 1986 and by that time was selling my work world wide to shops, galleries, and museums. At one time I was a buyer for a store. I actually inspected bead work for purchase. So when I see beadwork there are certain things I look for. Design, color, execution, and most important the finish of the piece. When I look at Eva Marie's incredible bead art I see all of the above dancing in concert. She has an easy way about her that translates into unique, and complex designs. That easy way is also shown in the style and look of her blog. The easy and the complex, a perfect combination. Stop by Eva Marie's blog. Her work will amaze you. She even offers free E-patterns. Eva Maria Keiser Designs blog and website Eva Marie's website. You will be inspired.
Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Nicole, Be sure to check my blog tomorrow! Can I enter your give away? Thanks.

  2. I adore Eva's work, she is amazingly talented! Thanks for highlighting such a beautiful bead designer :-)


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