Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I am amazed at how fast this week whizzed right on by me. I have been beading, beading, and beading this week. Here is one of the bracelets I just finished about 10 minutes ago. So the photo is actually taken on my work table. This is another amazing piece of glass from my good friend Lori Cook. If you like working with dynamic glass then you need to head over to Lori's etsy store, Our of the Flames. If you don't see what you need just email Lori she does take special orders.
This piece of glass measures just over 2 inches add the beadwork and the total measurement is just about 3 inches long and raised about 3/4 of an inch. I tell you this to say I love big full focal bracelets!!! They make a statement and most of the time I sell them right off my wrist.
Enjoy the photos and have a great Sunday.

From beginning  the glass is glued to my Nicole's BeadBacking

My own technique of layered Flatwork
I will be teaching a class on this in April

Embellish the strap and always have an adjustable size clasp system

I think this would look great on a guys wrist as well.
Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Wow, that's gorgeous Nicole. When wearing a bracelet with a heavy focal, how do you keep the focal on top of your wrist? My bracelets always want to slide around so the heavy part hangs down, so I avoid doing designs like that. Help!

  2. Vicki the trick to keeping the focal on top of your wrist is a tight bracelet strap.

    Great question too.


  3. That a gorgeous piece of glass with stunning beadwork! Glad someone asked about the weight issue.

  4. Beautiful - that glass cab is to die for. The beads you have complimented the piece with are stunning too. I can see why you sell these right off your wrist - I'd nab one up pretty quickly too! Gorgeous ♥

  5. Gorgeous bracelet, Nicole. I love the neutral colours, and you're right about it being suitable for a man or a woman. The way you add layers around the cab gives the piece a weighty, substantial look...but you have balanced it perfectly with the right straps. Will Mike be 'advertising' this one for you too? ;-) hehe

  6. This is very beautiful Nicole. Amazing workmanship, I am in awe :D

  7. WOW!!! This is gorgeous!


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