Friday, March 5, 2010


Hi Everyone!
First off I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the wonderful emails and comments for me feeling better. What would we do without good friends? You know, those rare people that come into our lives forever. The ones that don't expect. There is no obligation to the friendship, there is just honest friendship. For the past 18 years I have had such a friend. She is an amazing person and a true artist. We have always been there for each and even if we don't speak or see on another for weeks, months, even years we always pick up as if we didn't miss a step. This amazing women you may already know. Her name is Sharon Bateman. Now, I know she will not like me telling of all her accomplishments. She is not a me me me self absorbed person or artist. So that means someone else does have to tell of how good her art is. She is the first bead artist I met that was non traditional. Our first meeting was at a small gathering of bead people. I could not take my eyes or my hands off of her bead art. She is the inventor of Tubalo looms under the name of Sharondipity, she has many beading books published, she developed the Morning Glory Rose, she draws, paints in oils, acrylics and water, she carves in almost every medium, she casts, felts..... and well if she thinks of it.... it turns to art. With all of that she also is caring for raising her grandson Alex. A beautiful child. So I said all of this to tell you that over the last few months Sharon has supported me through my dark days of missing my sister and pulling me through the muck. She gave to me a way out and into the light. She said, "It will never be the same, but it won't always be awful."  She is right. And so my spirit shifted, my heart accepted, and life does go on. Thank you Sharon for being my forever friend.
With all the praise to Sharon I also want to give so many thanks to my new blogging sisters and friends that have also helped me find new light. You have all been my sunshine, my life line out of sadness, and my hope. What would I do without all of my good friends. Thank you.

Now I would like to show you some happy things. Go to Sharon's web site and see what the heck I am talking about. 
Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. I'm glad that you have a friend such as Sharon. You definitely have been through a lot. Glad I found your blog through OWOH. It's great to be able to find comforting souls. Enjoy your weekend Nicole and I hope you are feeling better.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your friend. Your blog is great, the beadwork is beautiful. I will return.

  3. That is very pretty. I'm in the contest at Art Beads - even though I don't use a lot of beads, I'm attracted to shiny things! I saw on a site that I subscribe to that you give some beads away every month, so here I am like a raccoon looking for shiny bits - the breads they showed on the site were very pretty.
    I'd like to win two to use as buttons on a blazer I took the big-ass shiny gold plated buttons off of. Thanks for listening - I tend to jabber when I get going. :-) You have a nice site!


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