Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Since I posted about my men's jewelry I have received a PILE of emails about what men's beaded pieces are. Well as in all art it is what you want them to be. However, because I started out designing for Native men it has always been easy for me to make something traditional or contemporary for guys. I am lucky that Mike wears my jewelry. I have heard so many of my friends say their husbands wouldn't be caught dead in jewelry. Mike is one of my best advertisements. So today, while Mike was out, I went to his jewelry box and chose 4 of his most favorite pieces.

Mike is not a suit and tie guy but sometimes needs to dress up. He always wears a bolo

Million year old sharks tooth. What else would I do with it?

This piece looks so good on him. He takes orders for me when he wears it.

Hey every guy from the city to the country needs an Elk ivory neck piece.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. These are all fab. I especially like the shark's tooth and the way you've wrapped it to the chain - marvelous!

    I might even start wearing jewelry if someone made me such smart stuff!

  2. Hey hon, thanks for the blog comment!

    Love these, they are all so interesting... love the last one the best, so cool!

    Much Love


  3. Thanks for showing off Mike's stash. They are all beautiful, but I have to agree with favorite is the shark's tooth! The focal on the bolo is gorgeous, too! Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow Man jewellery, how great, mine doesn't wear any at all. Its great to see what some men will wear. Just got myself some new cord and I'm ready to have a go at making Man Jewellery, after seeing men buy some at my recent jewellery fair I have been inspired to have a go now!! Thank you for visiting me today and what a great blog you have too. ♥ Elaine.

  5. Those are all great pieces and it's wonderful that Mike is a walking advertisement for you! Your work is fabulous!

  6. All of the pieces look so masculine and rugged. He must love your work if he wears it and sells it for you. What a sweet man. HE is a keeper!
    Blessings to both of you,

  7. I found this blog post very interesting because I have been trying to incorperate some "MEN's" jewelry into my line of jewelry...I have made several custom order pieces in the last few months and these pieces are what I call "classic" male sharks tooth and one for my son that likes swords and daggers, it is a battle ax pendant (I always thought a "battle ax" was my grandmothers neighbor...that was what my grandfather called
    I love the pieces that you have created. It is interesting how different our work is. I am building a new web site and I am having a guest artist every month, I would like to invite you to be a guest artist. I will send you an email so we can talk about this, if your are interested. Could your email me at ? I am looking forward to hearing from you when you have time...:)
    Create & Share
    Linda (Okla)


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