Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi Everyone!

So the gods must have made a mistake today, Florence has sunshine! I don't care who did what or why, the sun is here I am just happy to see it!!!! It came at the perfect time too. I needed to clean gourds and no longer have an indoor studio to do that. So when I saw the sun I set up on my back deck to cut, cleaned, rough sanded, and shaped 15 gourds. OK, so I went insane. The only reason I had to stop was the wind came up and my lupus body said enough was enough. So my hands, legs and feet are screaming at me. It is pain meds and a few hours down time for me. At least I got some gourd canvas ready to go. That and sunshine, I am a happy girl.

Just some of the tools I use

Gourd heaven!

My sunny back yard and 6 apples trees

My plumb tree thinks it is spring and decided to bloom hmmmm

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. You are so lucky to have sun. We got above 5" of wet, sloopy snow..YUCK!!!

  2. WOW!! All those gourds are soooooo cool!!! I would have a LOT of fun with those!

  3. Hooray for sunshine! That is excellent news Nicole, and it looks like you certainly made the most of it ;-) I can't wait to see what you create with all of those gourds! Belinda -xo-

  4. Those of some beautiful gourds! They should keep you busy for awhile. The plum tree is beautiful & at least you can see green lawn--we still have 5" of snow with another storm predicted for Monday night into Tuesday.

  5. Nicole,
    After the coastal gloom pics, I was thinking about you when the sun came out.... my closed sunroom on the back of the house is running 90 degrees......OMG I'm lovin' it all. Sure lifts our winter weary spirits.
    Donna ( from Florence

  6. The weather on this coast sure has been wacky. I am in Tacoma and it is a beautiful 60+ degrees. The only reason I am on the computer is that I am at work.


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