Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Yesterday was an amazing sunny and very warm day on the coast. I headed out to find that the day was amazingly beautiful. The sun sparkled on ocean waves as mist shot skyward. A flock of Pelicans flew overhead and followed my car for several minutes. They always seem to greet me on this stretch of road. There were hundreds of people walking the beaches and I could actually hear laughter floating up to the road. Hwy 101 was vacant of traffic so I buzzed along the road in my Honda Fit hugging the curves, hmm maybe just a bit too fast. But what fun. For some reason I had forgotten my camera. So no photos of how lovely, bright, and warm it was.
I spent the day with my good friend Deon Delange.  She showed off her new apt and of course her latest beading. Then off to Newport, OR. Just a few  miles over the bridge. We spent several house at Nye Cottage Beads. If you are ever in the area be sure to stop in and say hi to Lynn. Then off to Roots Beads, another 25 miles up the road. I found the beads I need and had a good visit with everyone there. By the time we got back to Deon's it was 3:30 and I needed to get home. It was just a lovely day. One I needed.

Have a great Sunday!
Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Wow, I like that you just got in your car and drove off on such a beautiful day. Sounds like you had fun. I wish I wasn't afraid of driving on the freeway. I used to drive the freeway when I worked in Silicon Valley but since my husband took over the driving, I became fearful of the freeway after commuting and seeing so much activity and the traffic so congested. In any event, I really enjoyed the fun you had. You are your own person and I like that. Have a great week. Take care.

  2. Hi Gloria, I love to drive. I love being in my car with music blaring and just going. I have traveled most of the US with just me and kids, when they were little, and then just me after they were grown. There is a freedom in it. Hope you jump in your car and take even a short drive for yourself.


  3. Glad to hear you had such a gorgeous day. Check out my blog to find even more sunshine as I have left something for you ♥

  4. Nothing beats driving fast in your car on a sunny day, with the music loud and the scenery beautiful!

    SOOOO glad to hear you had such a nice day! you deserve it. I have to learn beading that does seem like "too much work and boring"
    I attempted some years ago, when my kids were little, and that was how I felt about it. but your gourd bowl, and some of the other beaders I have looked at (blogs) I am soooo very impressed!

    Here's to more of those lovely days!!


  5. What a magical day you had! I'm loving the joy in your voice. ♥

  6. Geee with all these nice comments it just made my day even better.

    Thanks Ladies


  7. Lovely day, the open roads and beads! perfect. Have an equally great week.

  8. hi there, nicole! so glad you had a great day. by a long stretch of the imagination, we had the same experience! i also got in the car yesterday ... sun was shining here in nyc and also glittering on the water ~ but the water was puddles from melting snow! while out, the beads i experienced were beads of sweat as i got my taxes done!!!

    continued enjoyment to you ...

  9. Hooray for sunshine! I'm so happy that you had a great day with Deon, just what the doctor ordered ;-) I can feel the joyfulness in your words :-) Road trips are so much fun! Anthony and I are always up for one, nothing beats getting away from it all... :-)


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