Monday, November 16, 2009


Hi Everyone!

If you don't already know I have the best husband on earth. OK so some of you may disagree, however, for me Mike is the best! Mike told me, before I left for Japan, to do everything I wanted to do no matter what the cost. On one of the beautiful days we spent in Kyoto we came across the Rickshaw stand. I watched a young girl being helped off the rickshaw she was in and thought, OMG! what is a trip to Japan without a rickshaw ride. Ann, one of my traveling mates also wanted a ride so together we were off. It was so much fun and our driver was as animated as I am. We had so much fun and laughed the whole trip.

This was not a posed photo.
We just both turned and stood with our arms crossed

Getting ready

Ann goes first

Then me.

Getting situated.

All tucked in and we are ready to go

My thought was this poor guy, we are starting up hill!
He didn't seem to mind and posed for the camera

We rode the back streets and saw how and where people lived. The law is if a car approaches the rickshaw has to move over and come to a complete stop.

Bead with Honor and Integrity

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