Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Japan Question

Hi Everyone!
I was asked if signage in Japan was in English and Japanese. In airports, and rail stations we found English under the Japanese. A lot of restaurants have signs out front stating they have English menus. It was not difficult at all to go places and do things because of language. A lot of people speak a little to very good English. And yes, we had people wanting to practice English with us. The school kids, who travel in groups, will shout out "Hello" and get all excited and giggly when you speak to them in English. Once they hear you speak English then they all start at once saying, "Good morning", "How are you?" They all have to keep moving in the group. It is so nice to hear their laughter and to see the joy on their faces as you stop and bow and speak to them. I truly love the Japanese people and the culture.

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  1. Thanks for the answer! I've done a lot of traveling in Europe & I am always amazed at how many people speak English almost fluently (in non English speaking countries).


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