Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hi Everyone!

Well I think I am over the sickness but I am not taking any chances. A storm rolled in last night and the weather is definitely winter. I am staying indoors and away from people until Friday. Everything is ready to be packed, passport and IDs are all in order, Yen, US dollars, and of course the credit card are all tucked safe away. To start our trip, Charmain will pick me up Friday morning for a fun filled drive north up the OR. coast to Portland. There we will meet up with Kim, from the US Bead Warehouse, and her mom, who will be joining us. Another Kim from Tambrook beads and her husband will meet us on Saturday at the airport. My stomach is filled with butterflies of excitement. I will be taking hundreds of photos to share with all of you when I return on Oct 31. BTW Oct 31 is my most favorite day of the year.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Have a wonderful, safe trip Nicole!
    Looking forward to seeing lots of photos!

  2. Have a safe and exciting trip Nicole! Looking forward to seeing some photos when you return.


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