Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi Everyone!

When I was a kid my parents and grandparent would tell me to take advantage of my days because once they are gone there is no going back and as you get older the years fly by. Well, they were right. Years do fly by. One day I met a guy named Mike, and 28 years later we are celebrating that day? As I look back over everything we have been through the happy times do outweigh the hardships we have overcome. It is also nice after 28 years to hear, "you are more beautiful today than the day I met you" How nice is that? So what did we do to celebrate. We spent the day on the cost. We drove over to Yachats. Several people were Salmon fishing and one guy caught a nice one!

This is the guy that caught the Salmon.

This guy's dog was awesome and very well behaved.
Mike getting a bit too close to the edge.

Our destination for the day was Depot Bay. There is a great place to eat that over looks the Pacific where the whales come to play. OK, so they were playing somewhere else that day, however, we had a great meal and a fun time. We walked main street and visited the shops there. One thing about the Oregon coast all the towns have what is referred to as an "Old Town" You know unique shops and nice people.
28 years and with luck we have a few more happy years.

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  1. Nicole and Mike,
    Well..........congrats to you both, it is always good to do something memorable on special days.
    That happy dog was well behaved because he was going to get a bite of that fish...looks suspiciously like a boxer to me and they are all special dogs!
    (bias in action here)
    Donna and Guy and the boxers, Zito, Lilly, and Jolie B

  2. Congratulations! Thanks for "sharing" the day with your blogger friends. It looks like the weather was pretty awesome, too!

  3. Happy anniversary - how wonderful!


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