Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hi everyone! Sorry I have been away from my computer. Life is so busy for me in the real world. Mostly bead busy. Hurrraayyyy for that.

If you have read my posts about Charmaine Pesnell, the winner of this years Toho Bead Challenge you know that she lives here in Florence, OR. and is my very good friend. So good that she is taking me to Japan with her! No one really knows how big the Toho Bead Challenge really is. I mean the notoriety that it brings to artists that enter their art. For Charmaine it is well deserved. Her art is so much more than beads. She is an incredible painter, carver, glass in all forms, silversmith, and beader. Everything she touches is a work of art. Her accomplishments in the art world are true and honest. So it did not surprise me when she phoned the other day to tell me of a letter she received. It is from Arnie Roblan State Representative district 9. So I ask you, how cool is this????? Follow the links to read the letter.

Here is the first place goblet Charmaine was awarded from Toho. It is beyond beautiful in person.

Click here to see a great photo of Charmaine's Toho win.

Bead with Honor and Integrity

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  1. Nicole, a huge congrats to your friend for winning the Toho bead challenge!! It's no wonder that whe won, her piece is absolutely stunning! :)


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