Sunday, June 28, 2009

Florence Old Town Market

Finally we have sun in Florence! So this weekend I opened a space at the Florence Old Town Market. What a fun place to be a vendor. The energy is high with the eclectic group of vendors and buyers that come through. I set up next to my good friend and Toho Bead Competition winner, Charmaine Pesnell. The Local Saturday news paper printed Charmaine's interview on the front page. This brought a lot of ramblings and jokes about her celebrity. Charmaine is very humble but I think she enjoyed the attention. So the day was good. I sold lots!!!!! and got some good sunshine. However, by the time I got home my face felt a bit stiff. OMG!!! I am so sunburned that I can not do the Market today. In fact I am so sunburned that I won't be able to go out side for a few days. I wanted sun? I got it!
No you don't get a photo of my burnt face. LOL!

Here is Charmaine at her booth

My umbrella rolls down quickly when the winds come howling through.

If you ever come to visit Florence, OR. Be sure to stop by the Old Town Market every weekend!
Have a great Sunday everyone!!!

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Wow, a beautiful day in Florence. Too bad you got touched by the Sun. Hey, I'd like to see! Glad you had a great day selling.


  2. How nice that you sold lots!! Yay!! While most of us are in it for the self expression through crafting/creating, it is a wonderful feeling to have others want to buy your work!!

  3. I was passing through Florence over the 4th and saw the article about winning the Toho Bead competition, and went by the library to see her display but it was gone or something. And she wasn't at the Farmers/Saturday Market that weekend. Does she have a schedule posted or a website? I'd like to visit again and this time, time it when she's there.

  4. Hi Lena, that is so nice of you to come to Florence and visit out market. Charmaine had an arts n crafts show the weekend of the 4th and my mom was in town. So both of us were not at the market. And if you scroll down on my blog you will see that our library display had a theft and all art was removed. Sorry you missed both of us.


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