Friday, June 19, 2009

Fishing in Montana

Last September my grandma passed over at the age of 103 years. She was in perfect mind and spirit at that age. Her body just wore out. For 16 years my mom and grandma lived together caring for each other. My mom is finally getting out and doing things that she loves to do. At the age of 80 my mom has the same spirit and love of life that my grandma did. Recently she took a trip to Flathead Lake, MT to see my brother. Pat, who lives and runs a fishing guide business there, of course took mom and the rest of the family out fishing. Something mom loves to do. Hey there is the best fishing in MT!!! The photo isn't too good but here is just one of the fish mom caught.

My mom Sally, brother Pat, and dinner!

If you want to go fishing in Montana be sure to call my brother Pat

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