Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Computer Trouble

Well, we all have it from time to time. You know computer trouble. Most of the things Mike or I can fix ourselves. However, this morning it was a freeze up on the web. Nothing worked. So after doing what I could think of to do I called my provider. (Dare I say their name? LOL) I spent an hour in India trying to understand what was being said to me and trying to get across to the tech help ( I use those word loosely) what was wrong. OMG!!!! Can't we speak to Americans any more? A few more phone calls with no help at all and I was ready to scream. I was teaching a class today so had to leave the mess to Mike. He found a number for our provider that is actually in the USA so we had an appointment for someone to come out and change our modem. However, by the time I returned home Mike had the computer fixed. The problem was NONE of the things that were being said to me by the techs. I am so thankful that I was gone for the day and Mike had time to figure it all out. The problem? Malware from my home page. Beware everyone.

Bead with Honor and Integrity

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  1. My computer is sometimes the bain of my existence! Fortunately my husband is an "expert" and can fix everything!

    Glad you got yours going again!


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