Friday, May 1, 2009

Here it is!!!

Hi everyone.
First off thanks for all of the fantastic comments and the emails about my latest publications in Bead Unique Magazine. Over the past 17 years I have been very fortunate in having my designs published in most of the US beading magazines. Bead Unique, however, allows me to design and publish more than just jewelry. This gives me the opportunity to share real bead art with all of you. OK so with all the requests of where to buy my book here it goes. Check with your local bead stores or if you want to buy directly from me (with a discount) email me! I do have all 4 of my books on my web site, Nicole Campanella's Beadwright and my Beadwright etsy store. However, if you email me saying you read this blog I will give you a additional $5.00 off the sale price. Hmmmm sounds like a deal to me. I have also been asked to print the book review.
(blush blush) Joanna thank you again.
Joanna Feller managing editor of Bead Unique Magazine wrote;

FlatWork: Beading Techniques from Old to New: Elegance in Tradition
by Nicole Camapanella
ISBN: 0-9767840-3-3
ISBN:-13: 978-0-9767840
Feed your creative bead spirit! Nicole Campanella's new book takes you on a journey from traditional beaded flatwork to its modern-day application. From the simple one-bead stitch to the inspirational world of stunning, textured flatwork, this book is full of beautiful techniques. The author's expertise and love for traditional beaded artwork jumps right off each of the book's 72 pages.
Learn the basic techniques first: single bead stitch, back stitch, stacking stitch, bead couching, and more. Then, 15 projects, complete with large and clear diagrams, will keep you in pure beading bliss. Create a Traditional-Style Rosette Neckpiece, an Applique' Flower, a Fancy Bolo Tie, a Cameo Brooch, a beaded Belt Buckle, and much more. Four galleries of beadwork featuring 15 different artists are sure to motivate you to try your hand at creating your own beaded art. Nicole wraps the book up with a five-page gallery of her own spectacular beadwork-a treat in its own right!
And people wonder why I have been a bead artist for 42 years and refuse to ever give it up!
Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Hoooray! I ordered your book from you. I always like to buy direct from the author. :)

  2. Hi Nicole, congratulations on your new book as well as the publication in Bead Unique. They're a great magazine! We always recommend them to beaders looking for real inspiration. Kudos!

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