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Hey everyone, how often do you visit If you haven't been there lately or are one of the few who have never been there then be sure to click on this link. This is one of the best bead sites on line. Easy to maneuver, lots of fun clear information, coupons, promotionals, and right now 15% off all gems. If that doesn't get you there then how about free shipping in the US and only $1.00 shipping to Canada. Ohhh, and there is no minimum purchase. I love that! carries just about anything you need for your beading creations. I mentioned that this is a fun site to visit. There is a section called "Fun Facts" It is an amazing collection of knowledge about beads. I especially like the history info. I am happy to promote this wonderful beading site and encourage all of you to head over. Sign up for their newsletter too so you will know when they have new items in and of course specials.

Let me know what you think of

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  1. Hello! I just purchased some of your beading fabric on Etsy--been favoriting it forever! Found your blog-which I now follow, too :)
    Thanks for sharing the info about Art Beads-I love that sight. Nice tips & tutorials section, too!

  2. Hi Nicole - I love Artbeads, too. I love that you can buy individual beads, whereas some sites make you buy packs of 50, 100 etc. Makes it easy if you need to buy a strange number. I'm in Australia but my sister lives in the US so I send my orders to her place and she brings them when she visits home. Otherwise I love Fusion Beads as they have a flat $7 shipping rate to Oz. They have an excellent techniques section as well, full of wire and bead weaving techniques with quality, photographed directions. And an inspiration page. Plus their photography always blows me away. I love ordering from US sites as they seem to have more variety than the Australian ones, but the shipping (and exchange rate) can be a killer.

  3. thanks for the link! I've been there before, but didn't have it as a favorite. Love the idea of low cost shipping. I hate shipping prices - it always changes your cost of buying. That's why I offer free shipping...

  4. I love artbeads! I shop there fairly often and yes the shipping fee of only $1.00 to me here in Canada is definitely an incentive to shop here.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.I was away and did not know you were sick until reading your blog today. Take care!

  5. Nicole, thanks for the recommendation, I'll be checking out the Fun Facts page. I can never get enough bead trivia :)

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