Thursday, February 5, 2009

OK is it just me???

I truly try to do the right thing in my life and how I treat others. One thing that really irrks me is what sellers and businesses are charging for shipping. I make it a point to charge exactly what it costs me in shipping charges and packing. I do not make money on shipping charges and I do have to drive to the post office to mail my items. (I do not add charges for that) I just think it is wrong to make money on shipping. The other day I placed an order with a company and was charged $5.00 for shipping. At that price and for what the item was I certainly expected Priority mail. Nooooo. My order that weighed 5 oz was sent first class and cost $1.62, there was no packaging. Now that really upsets me and I will not reorder from this company again. OK so is it just me? Let me know how you feel about this?
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  1. Oh I'm with you on this one. A $5 shipping rate should priority for sure. Not sure where you bought from, but eBay sellers are notorious for taking extra shipping money from customers.

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  2. Everywhere you go you see companies charging more for shipping than they should. I recently purchased some ink from Walmarts online store. One cartridge, cost me $8 for the cartridge and $6 for the shipping. It shipped from within my own state with the cheapest shipping too.

    Well, two days ago I purchased some more ink, this time from Epson directly. The ink cost $12 but the shipping was FREE (overnight priority at that).

    Overall, I hate being overcharged for shipping, however if I stop buying from companies that overcharge, most of the time I will have to pay much more for the product.

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  3. I agree with you to a point. I certainly don't believe in making $ off of shipping, but I do think it should cover the cost of supplies. Nothing fancy but basic shipping and handling coverage. For $5 I would probably expect priority but it wouldn't necessarily keep me from buying again if I really liked the item.

  4. I'm with you. I charge what the actual shipping is along with what it may have cost for the box/envelope/what have you. I will even refund any overages of $0.50 or more (can't go much lower because of the fees involves with money transfer).
    It does feel like a sleezy way to get more money from a customer. And I would (actually, have) stop using those who seriously overcharge shipping to the point of profit.

  5. I totally agree with you. It seems that a lot of DIY companies are charging 5-10 for something that could be sent for a couple of dollars. Just add delivery confirmation. You can find shipping products for cheap if you try!


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