Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Legend of the Pickle Ornament

I realize it is the day before Thanks Giving, however, I thought I would post this German legend to give you time to find your own pickle ornament. The story goes like this. The pickle is the sign of good luck and was the last ornament placed on the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning the first child to find the pickle ornament received an extra gift from St. Nicholas. This encouraged the children to appreciate all the beautiful ornaments on the tree instead of rushing in to just open the gifts left from Santa Clause. I like this!

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Hehehehe, I have a pickle ornament. It confused my mother-in-law when she first noticed it. They're awesome!

  2. My grandmother and great grandmother both had pickle ornaments. I think it's a great tradition. I never knew there was one until recently. I guess I was never told the story.

  3. I think a beaded pickle ornament would be just beadtiful...

    My grandparents' pickle was glass, painted to look exactly like a real pickle. I still chuckle at the thought of it. I wonder if my mom has one...


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