Sunday, September 21, 2008

American Gourd Society

So a few months ago I was approached by Margaret Schroeder, of the American Gourd Society, to ask if I would send in a beaded gourd tutorial. Well of course!!!! She actually found some that I had on line and they were published in their magazine. Shortly after the publication I received and email from a lady by the name of Sherry Grant. She was coming through Florence and wanted to meet. Well we did and what a fun and fabulous lady Sherry is. Her husband was delightful as well and ohhhh sooo patient. Sherry is a member of the Idaho Gourd Society out of Boise. We met at one of my favorite stores in Florence The Brown Dog Antiques store. Here we are.
Thanks Sherry for stopping by and I hope the rest of your Oregon coast trip was fun.

Bead Happy
with Blessings


  1. Hey, Nicole!
    It's no "secret" (there's the key word for the drawing - lol), that things are going great for you. Your new look is great on the Beadwright site, and what fun it must have been meeting the gourd lady from Idaho. It's always fun meeting other artists with like interests. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon, it's been too long.
    Your bead buddy, Deon

  2. Nicole,Hello from Vale, OR.I may not live in Idaho but I do belong to the Idaho Gourd Society since we don't have one around here.I was thrilled to meet you and have you sign my books. Now I'm on my way to your etsy store to see how many items "I just can't live without" I can find. Sherry Grant


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