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  1. Hi remember seeing info about if someone ordered one of your new caba (which I did) you were having a contest. I believe we need to send in 3 photos. Can you please clarify that info. Maybe I got this wrong. Thanks
    Meg Freimarck,

  2. Well this is for the giveaaway. I am brand new to your backing but I have tried Lacy's and am frustrated that I can't use dark colors because the white bleeds and I've noticed others had colors so I was curious. I asked around and always got the same answer "Nicole's bead backing" so I googled and googled and finally found her web site. I just bought the set so I can really get going. I have only been doing this for a short while but I want to make sure I have everything for success. Thanks and hopefully I'll be able to post pics soon.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Please email me with your name and contact info.

  3. This is for the GiveAway also. I haven't used your product yet, but I'm extremely interested. But I'll need to use up all the LSS first or my husband will have a cow about me being wasteful...again. But it will be your backing from that point on. I hope you're feeling better soon! - Catherine Tatum Taylor on FB or jewelrytaylormade on Etsy


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