NBB Making Beaded Layers

Hi Everyone!

For over 40 years I have been teaching beaders how to make layers and build height for texture in beadwork. Here is an easy way to make your focal bead stand out. 
Use what ever forcal bead you like, this could be a cabochon, a shell, bead, rock what ever.
Glue the focal bead to a piece of Nicole's BeadBacking (NBB) and allow to dry.
Bead around the focal bead in traditional flatwork or bead embroidery.  Bead a second row around the first. 
At this time you may bring your needle up through any bead on the first row and peyote stitch around to make a bezel.  Bring the needle to the back knot and cut off. Then trim off the NBB close to the beads. Glue and or sew the beadwork to another piece of NBB and sew on the next row.

 Once that row is finished bring thread to back and cut off. Trim the NBB close to the beaded row then clue and or sew onto a new piece of NBB. Continue to do this until the desired height. Rows should look like this.

By trimming NBB and sewing the beadwork onto a new piece of NBB after each row builds the height faster. If you would like to gradually add height add more rows before trimming and adding to a new piece of NBB.

Now you have a focal piece to create anything you would like.

Sewing on the beadwork to another piece of NBB
Bring your needle through NBB and between beaded rows the back through to sew it together.

 Bead with honor and integrity. 
Give credit to those who teach.
All photos are copyright.