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layering flatwork or bead embroidery

Hi Everyone!

I receive many emails from people asking the different things to do with Nicole's BeadBacking. (NBB) Well the uses are endless, however, today I want to answer the question; how do I graft different colors of NBB together? 
Beading projects, journal pages, greeting cards, even place mats, or any other craft that you need color specific areas, here is how you do it. Sooo easy.
Take the colors of NBB that you need and cut to size and shape or leave as is. I use Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue, only because it is fast and it dries completely clear. I have also used Beacon 527. 
E6000 is a bit too thick and messy.
Simply put a line of glue on one edge of NBB and set the pieces together. Allow to dry. If you are beading your stitches will give it extra strength. You can also take decorative embroidery stitches on the seams. Or place some Soutache cording on the seams. Again the idea are endless.

This incredible piece of art is created by Dot Lewallen
Dot creates in many venues and incorporates Nicole's BeadBacking in most of them. Included in her artistic endeavers is her doll making. Here she used NBB as the breast plate. Brilliant!

In Dot's words
I made it with NBB.  I drew the images onto the NBB & cut them 
all out. Then I adhered pieces of crumpled up foil and lightly smoothed 
them out onto the NBB template.  A coat of DecoArt antiquing paste to make 
them look like forged metal.  Then glued onto the doll form.  EASY!!!!! 

Here are more Halloween Ideas
Cut pumpkins out of NBB and insert tooth pick 

Then add the horderves  

Make placemats for kids or adult parties

Halloween Bat with Nicole's BeadBacking
To make one large bat
You will need Midnight Black NBB in 12x9" 2 sheets
Just about any type of glue I use Aleene's Tacky glue
Black thread and sewing needle or sewing machine.
Sissors and Bat Pattern Free when you email me here

Cut the wings and body

Glue them together

Tacking stitches by hand or use the sewing machine with a zig zag stitch.


Paint on Nicole's BeadBacking "NBB" It is so easy and a very inexpensive way to have a painting surface on hand at all times.  You use NBB just as you would any canvas or painting surface. Prime it first. I find Gesso works the best. Remember that NBB is a dense fiber so you may need to use a little bit more Gesso and it will take a bit longer to dry. You are now ready to use your acrylic paints and mediums. If you use water with your acrylic paints use it with care. Even though you have primed NBB it is still a fabric.
It is that easy.
These are all 10 minute practices


NBB matches up better if you cut the pieces together

  Use any kind of scissor to easily cut through NBB

  Match up the pieces and apply the glue

Once the glue is dry and set you have a strong piece of NBB

This piece has a clear class cab to show you just how cool this technique is.

Layering Flatwork or bead embroidery.

Hi Everyone.

I get a lot of email everyday from beaders asking for all kinds of assistance. I am happy to share my knowledge. The most asked question is,  "How do I layer my flatwork pieces?" Well I have been doing this technique over 20 years and have had it published in several magazines and in my own book,  "FlatWork" The process I use is so easy and  you can make your focal bead as tall as you like.
You will need a focal bead, seed and other types of beads, jewelry glue, basic beading supplies and Nicole's BeadBacking. 
Glue your focal to a piece of NBB. Flatwork or bead embroider the seed beads around the focal bead. Cut the tread then trim away the NBB close to the beading. If you are a beginner glue this beaded focal to another piece of NBB. Then tack stitch along side the seed beads. If you are a seasoned beader you do not have to glue the focal piece just sew it down.
Bead another row of seed beads around the focal. Cut the thread then trim away NBB. Repeat the above step until you have the height you desired 
For the original post click here
Here is a pictorial
Glue focal bead to NBB

 Seed bead around focal

 Trim away NBB

Then glue and sew it to another piece of NBB

 Seed bead a row around this piece.

This technique makes the perfect layering.

This is a sample of beading 5 rows before trimming away NBB and layering down
Click here to see Nicole's Flatwork of layered beading


  1. Wonderful tutorials--Thanks, Nicole!

  2. Thank you Nicole!! I have a large cab that I really didn't have any idea how I was going to use it, but this is perfect!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Nicole !
    I didn't know this layering technique,it looks pretty !

    Best regards,

  4. It is a technique that I developed about 22 years ago.

  5. Wow, Nicole. You never cease to amaze me. 22 years ago! What's old is new again. Beautiful as always. You are such an artist.

  6. Thank You SO Much for this wonderful tutorial!!! L really am excited about trying this plus what a beautiful project.