Thursday, June 17, 2021

TAD with Rain. Inventions

Happy TAD Ya know Thursday Art Date with Rain.
Her theme this week is, "Inventions" REALLY RAIN? LOL
OK, this can go in many directions of all the amazing inventions that have made our lives better and some that have hindered them. For me I am going to tell you about the invention I dislike more than anything.
Now this is gong to differ from most of you but here goes.
The fricken cell phone. I hate it!!!!!!
I don't want or need a phone that tries to act like a computer. I certainly don't need a camera on my phone. I don't want or need apps, or data or all the other crap that comes with a cell phone. But most of all I hate the way this has manipulate people into buying phone for upwards to thousands of dollars and then billed exorbitantly every month to use them. I want a phone that I can talk on and maybe text that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to do it. People have lost human contact because of the cell phone. One day Mr. M. and I were in a town called Sisters, OR. A woman about in her 50s was standing in the middle of the cross walk on a busy street texting. She was so absorbed in her text that she didn't realize she has stopped walking. Oh and let's not forget the 5 million spam calls a day.
 I could go on butttt.....
This is just my opinion, I think it is the worst thing ever invented.

 Drawn this AM in 5 minutes.








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No Matter What Your State or Country Says Be Safe Out There And Protect Yourself. Not Everyone Without A Mask Is Vaccinated. 

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Vel phones are addictive for many people these days, the never let them out of their hands! Valerie

  2. WOW!!! some NICE ones
    happy you dropped by my blog today Nicole


  3. ...Nicole, I use a Sony A 6000 camera with a 16-50 and a 55-210 lens. And I only have a flip phone!

  4. Awesome Nicole!! :) I do agree with you about everything you said. I hate my cell phone...but I have to say it comes in handy when I'm out! I love how you depicted the drawing...very cool! I think that the cell phone has killed the art of communication. I remember 9 years ago when I first started dating again...I went out with a guy who took me to lunch. He was on his cell phone when I first met him and he left it out on the table. I asked if he could put it away and he looked at me like I was insane. NEXT. Lol...great post!!! :)

  5. "Adult binky," LOL! That's about right!

  6. great 5 minute art! I am addicted to my cell phone and thanks for the laughs.

  7. That gives a big applause from me, I curse it as well !!! I don't have a smartphone, only use it for my darling or when he comes home late from work!
    The examples are great and your drawings!
    Happy day, hugs Elke

  8. Boa tarde Nicole. Parabéns pelo seu excelente trabalho.

  9. Great five minute art, and the cartoons are spot on!

    All the best Jan

  10. yes, that´s smartphone trouble for sure. If it was not so sad it would be fun. I hate the way everything forces you to have the cellphone. Soon you can´t do anything if you don´t have a phone. But, at least I like the camera in it. It is my backup camera. If I don´t want to carry the big one I have at least the one in the cellphone. :)
    Take care

  11. I had to laugh at this. I loved these. I'm so old school I don't even own a cell phone. I'm perfectly happy to carry on real conversations. This was fabulous and a look at our future (and current) society. The BEST new invention: Zoom!

  12. I like that mine has a camera because that's all I use for pics for my blog. Occasional texts and rare phone calls are all else I do with it...oh, expect for solitaire sometimes. I don't need as fancy a phone as I have, obviously--LOL! I totally agree that people are too attatched to their phones. I know I hate it if I lose internet, though. And I'm not even on social medias (except blogging). ;)

  13. You made me so laugh.
    My cellphone cannot go online, it has no apps or such I think it can take a pic, but you know... It´s no smartphone. But it is smart... my bills usually are around € 0,25 or such, so the company tells me they have to wait till I come up to € 1, LOL!
    I do have a smartphone (3 years old or such) and when I put my phone card in I suddenly got € 25+ bill because the darn thing upgraded on it´s own! So... not with me, back to the cellphone.

    I decide, not a "stupid" device!
    (I activated "WIFI only", but my contract is that old they could overrun this).

    I hate when I see Mums or Dads going out and about with their babies/kids and are glued to that darn phone, texting, ignoring their child. Etc, etc. And head down, walking... who´ll pay for the visits to the doc etc.

    Love your drawing. And yupp. People who see you last sec.

    Adult-binky, LOL!!!! That brings it to the point!
    Hubby also has but a cellphone and no one understands us. Yippee-yah-yeah.

    For my bank I need an app now :-( They force into "now".

  14. I completely understand your frustration, Nicole 😉 Phones can really be more of a pain and less of "smart" phones, honestly 🤷‍♂️ I enjoy my time off without 'em 🙂

  15. You made me laugh, Nicole. Thanks for sharing those cartoons!

    It seems that when we are involved in our phone, we don't know time passing. If we were to check our smart phone compulsively, we wouldn't really control it, and we would feel we have to do it again and again. Many psychologists think that smart phone probably leads to an increasing mental problem for teenagers. This means they have phisical and mental need to keep on mobile phone (they feel they are addicted to smart phone). There are people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and people who can be addicted to other things, like mobile phones. I think that spending too much time on our smart phone is bad for our focus and mental health.

    Although smart phone is a useful way to keep in touch with people, we should incourage people to comunicate in person.

  16. I agree with most of what you say. The cell phone, however, does make me feel safer when I am out alone in the event that I would need help. And, it does allow me to stay in touch with friends that I don't see often ... but beyond that it is a pain and it is expensive and spam calls are irritating along with the fact that if you answer the wrong one you can get a virus on your phone that will allow someone to steal your identity ... so I agree, the nays win.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  17. Great illustration and loved the memes!

    I absolutely love my Galaxy Note! I even use it to pay for goods/services at the check-out registers. It makes my life easier in so many ways and I love having a high quality built-in camera. I stopped using my camera because my phone took better images. The thing I loved most when mobile phones came out was that it was a link to my kids. They could message to let me know they had reached their destination, or if they were going to be late home, so I could have peace of mind etc. I realise they weren't smart phones back then though.

    That said, I do agree that mobile phones have lessened the personal human contact aspect. Nowadays, phone calls to loved ones are rarely made and messages seem to be the preferred option. That's sad to me. Used to be that my Mum and I would have a good long chat once a week by phone and now, even though we message each other daily, it just isn't as personal.

    I'm not addicted to my mobile phone like others may be...I would never focus on my phone when in the company of other people. I only use it for the necessary stuff and I'm not glued to it. I see so many young ones, including my youngest son, who seem permanently glued to their smart phone screens. They don't seem to care that they are missing out on stuff around them. I get that negative aspect fully.

  18. I am with you 100%!!! I don't even own one! LOL! Big Hugs!