Wednesday, June 23, 2021

TAD Jump

Hello Everyone!

Today is TAD with Rain and her theme is, "Jump".

The first idea is Van Halen's Jump

Then we have 8 animals that jump

 The Hare is one of fastest animals and has a great ability to jump.  They can run up to 72 kp/45mph, making them difficult for predators to catch them.Read More

 Red Kangaroos are the fastest jumpers among all mammals. They can jump with speed up to 56 km/hr. Watch a fascinating video of a red kangaroo mum in our Animals A-Z section.Read More

 Klipspringer are around 1.5m (5′) tall and can jump 10 times their own body height! They are the highest jumping mammals in relation to their body size.

 Bharal live in the Himalayas and are one of the best jumpers among animals. They’re adapted to jump from cliff to cliff and hill to hill.Read More

 The Jumping Spider can jump 100 times its own body length. Imagine a person jumping the length of 2 jumbo jets!Read More

 Tree Frogs can jump 150 times their own body length, putting them at the second spot for longest jumping animal in relation to body weight.
Find out why stone frogs are commonly kept in gardens in Scotland in our Animals A-Z section.Read More

 It is usually claimed that the best jumper in the world is the Flea. For their size, they are longest and highest jumpers of all animals. Fleas can jump 220 times their own body length and 150 times their own body height! That would be like us jumping nearly 400m in length whilst jumping over a 250m high building… Impressive! Read More

 Grasshoppers can jump 20 times their own body length. That’s the equivalent of a person being able jump as long as basketball court!



Be sure to stop by Rain's to see what everyone else has done for this week. Also join in. Every week there is a new challenge.


No Matter What Your State or Country Says Be Safe Out There And Protect Yourself. Not Everyone Without A Mask Is Vaccinated. 

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Fun post, lots of jumping animals and insects. I certainly wouldn't want to meet up with spiders and fleas! Have a great day, Valerie

  2. Also... those huge roos breathe very softly.
    We were in a national park in Australia, Bowling Green Bay it was.
    A campervan arrived and the man wanted to add something on it, nail and hammer in hand. Such a huge kangaroo was interested in what he was doing , standing right behind him, breathing so softly he was not aware..., it all happened so fast I could not even shout out.
    You "fake-nail" to get the right position, right. And then - KABOOOOM. He hit the roo in the face!
    The roo (it wasn´t that bad) kicked him real hard and the woman came out being worried about the roo, not her husband!!!
    The kangaroo was at least 1,90m tall!!

    Thank you for the memory - no jumping spiders for me, though, ewwwww!
    Have a nice day, here cold and grey...

  3. Oh yeah, I remember that tune! 🎵 They all sure do jump. 👏🏻

    Also, those kangaroos look adorable! Read some new interesting things. 😉 I'm familar with fleas, unfortunately. 🤷‍♂️

  4. Nicole,

    Van Hal "Jump" is a great opening for today's art prompt. How cool to read about these critters with their amazing jumping abilities. Every time I see a kangaroo I think of the Looney Tunes clip where the Sylvester thinks a mouse changes morphs into larger version of itself when in fact it's a baby kangaroo on the loose. :D Do you remember that episode? Tree frogs are so colorful. I hate spiders, especially when they jump toward me!! Congrats on being this week's featured artist, my friend. Have a doodletastic day! ;)

  5. The melody is cool, I love it!
    They're cute jumpers, great choices for the topic!
    I wish you a happy day, hugs-Elke

  6. I remember when that song came out. Makes me wanna join in and jump :) I haven't seen any grasshoppers on the patio yet this year, but I keep an eye out :)

  7. ...Van Halen does it for me.

  8. Wonderful take on Jumping. I saw Van Halen when he did a concert in Canada once.

  9. Some nice kangaroos for jumping there. Happy Thursday. Congrats your art was also featured at TAD today


  10. Bunnies, YES! Spiders and fleas, NO!

  11. What a great selection of jumping creatures you have selected. Well done!

  12. Oh great tune and awesome nature photos ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. lol, I remember that song and love all your jumping critters :)

  14. ugh fleas, my skin is itching now lol

  15. Nature collects, as it lurches into winter. _m

    summer chipmunks jump
    from nut to nut to tunnel
    winter's drift

  16. I remember that American rock band, which had been active until 2020. It seems their genre was also defined as pop rock. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I could watch Van Halen jump any day of the week ... he is for sure eye candy and his music is good too. Can't go wrong, right? Love your selection of jumping insects and animals. Some I wouldn't have thought of, others I would rather not have thought of, but a great post all in all. So "Queen for the Day" how does it feel to be Rain's chosen one? ;) Congratulations!

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  18. i enjoyed Van's jump :)

    how interesting to learn about many species who can jump far better than human :) the flea jump sounds amazing wow
    thank you for great post full with unfamiliar knowledge .

  19. I love that video, those guys were so goofy and Eddy was such a smiler. Thanks for the memories, actually I also just thought of the Pointer Sisters' 80's hit "Jump For My Love"!! I love your jumping animals...though I could have done without seeing that spider, shudder....horror movies don't scare me but I"m a wimp with creepy crawlies lol! Andrea is are the chosen one! :))

  20. Excellent post! So interesting!!! Big Hugs!

  21. Just watching the video again! Brings back memories! LOL! Big Hugs!