Wednesday, April 21, 2021

TAD with Rain Furture

It's TAD with Rain and her theme this week is, "The Future" I have been thinking about this all week. 1 second and we are in the future. There we just entered the future again and again. ha ha ha you get the idea. This is a difficult one for me because there are so many avenues one can take with the theme. Do I go with the dystopian future of my Sci Fi world? Some futuristic land in a very far off distance? Or do I keep it closer to home with the possibilities of the next few months or year.  Hmmm. I think I will stick with something futuristic. 


Will we be interacting with robots in the future? I say yes.





will we have destroyed our planet forced to live with alien plants and jungles? Or the dry sandy lands from climate change?




Will we be living in cities above earth?



Or amazing cities that only the rich can afford?
 Or will we live in the land of Soylient Green?


I am glad that I won't be around for this future time. I
I hope that my great grandkids and many greats to come will have a life that is full of wonders. That governments take care of our earth. That, "The Future" is a better place. 
For the present, I received the nicest gift from Rain.
Remember when I posted the Exorcist stairs on TAD?
Well Rain drew this in a card and sent it to me. How lucky am I? An original piece of art by Rain.

And Mr. M. got strawberry short cake for desert tonight.

Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask!

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. You have put together a great selection.
    What will be and what will come in the future that is the question, so we live more intensely every day!
    What a joy the menu from rain, that's something positive ... and the delicious strawberry cake is great !!!
    Have a beautiful day, hug Elke

  2. Interesting subject indeed and I agree, I mean... aren´t even computers some kind of robots? That Alexa (we don´t have one). Hups, I´m in the future again! Interesting second-counting thought, too.
    Please not above earth, huhhh.

    Yay for pressies!

  3. Lots of fun images today. Enjoy your card from Rain! And that strawberry shortcake looks delicious! Valerie

  4. You gave us many futures to ponder. I think it goes well with Earth Day, too. Especially since we have no idea how badly our earth has been damaged in the past few years. I love all of your art and your ideas for a future. You have truly given us something to consider and ponder.

  5. Wonderful take on Rain’s theme! A beautiful gift from Rain too!

  6. ...nice, but the strawberry short cake looks great!

  7. Great post, Nicole! It reminds me that we haven't to destroy the environment, as there is no planet B. You made interesting questions about climate change (it seems we can't say "global warming" ...).
    I am astonished by the negative picture of amazing mega cities that "only rich can afford" ... actually, since the late 1990s, a few predators around the world have been destroying the middle class.

    The cake looks delicious, and I think those strawberries are good, as they aren't too big.

    Have a nice day, Nicole!

  8. Thought-provoking questions! I’m with you, not wanting to find the answers in my lifetime. Somewhat scary!

  9. I love to imagine the future for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is my hope that one day we can all live under the ocean in glass bubbles and see all the beauty that is there.

  10. Luv today's serving of art and food
    Happy Thursday


  11. Beautiful futuristic photos Nicole. Rain's art is a treat for sure!

  12. I always enjoy books and movies about dystopic futures. Living in one isn't nearly as fun an idea ;) Thanks for the idea about strawberry shortcake. I'm amending my grocery list :)

  13. I dont see us really getting to live in space before the planet is completely messed up, space travel is nowhere near that stage yet. yes tech moves fast but i think we need a huge! leap in space tech before that is possible (no matter what Musk thinks)

  14. I love books and movies about the future. I love the guesswork. I do hope it is better than many people's guesses. ;)

  15. You've certainly put a very good collection together, thank you.
    I like Rain's card.

    Strawberry short cake for desert, looks and sounds delicious.

    All the best Jan

  16. As things are today, the future is a bit scary, if not for us for our grandchildren. Your picture choice is wonderful and a bit scary. Strawberry short cake ... yummm, I have the makings for it in my refrigerator, but no whip cream :( Have a great week, Nicole. Hope things are getting better where you are ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    Lucky you ... a Rain Original :)

  17. Lots of SF and AI in your post. Robots are here already a long time and will not dissappear. Neither will AI. Question is how far do we go with it?
    Nice post!

  18. I'm ever-so-late visiting! You are so welcome for the card, I knew you'd love it! :) I still wish I could walk up those stairs...the power of something compels me lol! ;) I love your futuristic post Nicole...but according to Hollywood, we should be living like that right now shouldn't we? :) The movie Soylent Green wasn't that great, but I LOVED Edward G in it...that was the last movie he did before he died, and I actually cried at the last scene when he dies in the movie!

  19. Excellent post! Lets hope for peace and lots of love! Love your art piece from Rain! Big Hugs!