Wednesday, April 14, 2021

TAD With Rain Coils

It's Wednesday but this is for Thursday Art Date with Rain. Here theme this week is, "Coils."
As you know I am extremely busy right now. I have been in business for 35 years and every April, my birthday month, I have daily sales. It's been a good month so far. 
Also, I'm working in my yard and garden. Today I even got a sunburn. Tomorrow I will stay out of the sun. I just love the sun, the heat, and we didn't have much wind today. 
Well, for Florence. giggle
Let's get to the challenge. I knew there wasn't going to be time for art. There must be coils in my house. 
Gees never realized how many. 
 When my mom was alive one of the art items she made and  sold were poly clay jugs. This one is 14" tall and 26" around.

 Close up.

 This slab of chalcedony is about a foot long and almost as tall.


 I got this fossil bowl about 10 years ago at 
Gem Fair.

 How cool is this?


 This is a coil of glass that I got when I was in Japan at Toho Bead Co.



 These look pretty but they are the worse 

 I recipe is so easy but yuck and hard as rocks

 You know I had to do this. I love snakes and 
this is a gorgeous Corn Snake.

 One last thing and I'll let you all go. I harvested white radishes today. OMG! I am so excited. They are huge and soooo sweet. I love the greenhouse!!



 Tomorrow I will harvest some lettuce that is ready. 
Be sure to stop by Rain's blog to see what everyone is doing.
Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask!
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. I love all the coils you've showcased (except the snake!) but my fave is that gorgeous fossil dish.

  2. I am enthusiastic about all the art you show even from the hard biscuits, wonderful things that go well with Rains theme!
    These white radishes are delicious, I also love them from my farmer's market. Great what you do in your greenhouse.
    Have a good day, hug Elke

  3. Morning Nicole, I hear you regarding the extremely busy i'm catching a moment with a cuppa to jump over and say hello before I head out as a work day begins. I'm not sure which end of the month is your Birthday but if I missed or have missed it *Happy Birthday*
    Your Mother's pot and those coils are amazing, such unique works of art and your cookies look just fine to me, they will last longer hee hee!! Have fun in and out of the garden, I do love radish, our weather is not doing what it should do in Spring but i'm hoping for better things very soon, I have things that really need planting in my tiny patch.
    Take care Hugs Tracey xx

  4. So many interesting coil art pieces you have! Enjoy your gardening!

  5. Bravo!!! some really nice pieces. Happy Thursday Nicole

    much ❤ love

  6. Now I am looking for coils everywhere.

  7. All those pictures are interesting. Think my fave is the first one, most colorful one. 🧡 Btw, your white radishes look really good! 🤍

  8. When we begin to think hard and to look diligently it's amazing what we can find. I'm loving that Corn Snake. Fabulous.

  9. I'm with you in enjoying the heat and summer sun :) I complain about the winter cold but bask in our Southern summers :) I love your chalcedony slab. The snake is a beauty. I've never seen a corn snake with markings quite like that. Cool!

  10. Very cool, beautiful art and awww, the harvest!

  11. gorgeous snake, but its a Calico Dominican Red Mountain Boa apparently (I had to look for it, since the colouring is gorgeous)

    1. I found it under Corn Snake. I just think it is beautiful.

    2. its is def a gorgeous snake, the pattern is so interesting

  12. All your coils are cool--especially the snake! :)

  13. You found a ton of coils, dear Nicole. I like the look of the cookies, but that snake is unbelievable. Congrats on having a great sales month, too.

  14. wow, so much gorgous coils in your house. :) Your Moms poly clay jug is amazing. So are the slab of chalcedony and the glass pieces.
    Is that a real snake. Never seen any like that one. Gorgeous and to be able to handle it. Love it!
    Take care in the sun. :)

  15. My goodness, you are busy and I am guessing you are at your best when you are busy. These are wonderful pictures and, of course, I love the Corn Snake. I love snakes too. The Garter Snake is common around here and I am always happy to see them near my garden as I know they will keep it clear of insects and some small rodents. Poisonous snakes I prefer at a distance, but usually they are the most colorful so, of course, I like them too. This was a wonderful post Nicole and I am green with envy ... a greenhouse! :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  16. So pleased to read that you are having a good month of sales ...
    Lovely selection of art for Rains theme, well done :)

    All the best Jan

  17. I don't like the snake, but I love everything else! LOL! So happy with your sales!! Big Hugs!

  18. I love your coils!!! Your mom's pot is so beautiful Nicole! And I know what you mean about those sugar cookies...I stopped making them because they could break my teeth lol! ;)