Wednesday, January 27, 2021

TAD Yessss Mysterious and Dark

 I have been waiting all week for TAD. Yeahhhh.... you know me, anything Mysterious, Dark, Scary, Macobre and I am there. That is the theme for Rain's TAD. OK, so I added the scary and the macobre. hee hee hee
Most of you have been following the  step by step for my gourdy face. You can see part 1 here and part 2 here.
Today, I was ready to paint and embellish. I decided to use an acrylic paint with brushes instead of airbrushing.  For the embellishments I used a product called Ellimorph. It's a biodegradable, non toxic and remouldable plastic. It comes in plastic beads that you place in 147° water. Then, you have a very very short time to mold and shape. 
You can see it all here 
Be sure to check out the youtubes on the page.
OK enough of all of that, It was getting dark so I had to take him outside to take photos. Yes, on top of the grill. 


The horns and tongue are made with ellimorph


There is pigment to add to the ellimorph or you can paint it.


 really love his eyes


and his profile. LOL


There is a ridge that runs down the back of his head. Like a bone. I am happy with him.


Remember her, from another TAD piece. She stands in the corner of my front room by my couch, protecting the house.


This is a messing around painting. Acrylics on an 8x24" deep edge pro canvas. Made for TAD


Mysterious and Dark. Acrylics on another 8x24" deep edge pro canvas. I really like this size to paint on. Made for TAD

I had to share these mushrooms they are just too cool!

Dead Man’s Fingers (Xylaria polymorpha)
Now from dark to something sweet. A spice cake with 
cinnamon frosting. 
Mr. M. can't have any until tomorrow. He has bloodwork and he doesn't need a sugar surge. LOL I cut it just to see the inside. No, I don't eat this kind of sweets.



Stop by Rain's to see what the other TAD gang is up to.
I am also linking up with Paint Party Friday.
Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask!
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. That finished gourdy face is gonna give me nightmares tonight! No, wait, I'll dream about that heavenly cake instead and have sweet dreams!

  2. OMGoodness, Nicole. You went ALL OUT today. I struggled with this post and you rocked it!!!! This one was definitely made for you. It had your name on it from the very beginning.

    Your "horny" (ERR, horned) guy has me shivering. And I am incredibly impressed with your amazing paintings. The ghostly one had me shivering. I hope the cake will make up for it (grin).

  3. you out did yourself Ha Ha Ha

    Here's MINE


    much love...

  4. The finished gourd sure is creepy! *LOL* And that lady by your couch! *ROFL* Did someone fall unconscious by the look of her. Have a great day! And that let Mr. M enjoy some of that cake after bloodwork. Crossing fingers for him, that everything is ok.

  5. it's creepy real but fits the topic great. I almost threw it from my chair, also these mushrooms I'm amazed again and again from this side *** laugh *** of you!
    the cake looks delicious and I take a piece of it to calm my nerves!
    Have a good day, hugs Elke

  6. What´s his name? He really looks cool. If that´s the devil, I think I´m not afraid anymore, I might give him a kiss ;-)
    But... your house sure is protected. We have her siblings in the bedroom. No one came in so far. Well, my FIL, but only at daytime.
    Love your Acrylics! And the mushrooms, are they joking? OMG at night I´d freak out, perfect! I´ve never heard of those, boy!!!
    Wow, you made this for your Hubby only? Now that must be true love (to be fair: I make mine brekkie and lunch for every work-day).
    Mask is ready to go, of course! Oh, when will this be over?

  7. Oh yes, this is your theme! Have a great day, Valerie

  8. You have a special version of "mysterious"! I like it!

  9. oh special thanks for the cake dear Nichole ,truly a mouthwatering haha

    now i will not dream about your scary gourdy face lol
    you are amazing artist indeed :)

  10. I do love me some mysterious & dark, yup! 👏🏻 But this is just creepy & scary, lol! 😈 Got me scared for my life... almost. 😜

  11. Your work is stunning, literally amazing, I was anxious to see how you would complete the sculpture and wow you sure didn’t disappoint, that’s amazing, I will say though I hope I can unsee those darn mushrooms lol, now that’s creepy lol, beautiful cake!

  12. Nicole,

    Your gourd art turned out nice and spooky. I had to chuckle a little that the scary creature in your front room stands as protector. I can see how effective her presences would be as it surely would keep me away. Not that you have anything to fear from me but I'd be just a wee bit creeped out. Great job, my talented friend!

    Curious as a Cathy

  13. Cannot believe those mushrooms. Very ghouly art pices fantastic! And the cake looks amazing

  14. I guess it's close to Halloween? If not full marks for getting there early.

  15. The mushrooms are the most amazing of all. I have seen them before but never quite so defined as this.

  16. yes, I can see you had fun with the gourdy face.
    But my favorit today is the Mysterious and Dark, acrylics. That one and the Dead mans fingers. Soo cool :) I don´t think we have that one in Sweden. :)
    Take care!

  17. Looks like the gourd has devilishly taken shape.
    Those mushrooms are really creepy! :)

  18. Your art is so freaky cool! And, I love the paintings!!! Amazing Nicole! You rocked this! I am drooling for that cake! LOL! Big Hugs!

  19. I dreamed I´m talking the butcher´s staff and took pics for you! Boy, such a real dream! If I go to there tomorrow I will take pics, believe me, LOL....

  20. Spooky. The wonky eyes are scary.
    Can’t imagine running in to the gal living room protector.
    I would jump a foot or two.
    I love the acrylic on the deeply mysterious.
    The mushrooms are beyond freaky. I’ve never seen or heard of those.
    Have a lovely weekend, Nicole.

  21. You are the dark and mysterious champion ... It helps to have a love for the macabre and you certainly have access some interesting molding stuff :) I love your Gourd face ... very creepy. And Ohhh those mushrooms ... never saw such a thing. Hooray for you, Nicole, you did yourself proud today :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  22. Yummy looking cake. Your guy is super scary. Have a lovely weekend. Anesha

  23. The dead man's fingers are amazing. Great scary work and it's not even Halloween yet.

  24. I had to google Dead Man's Fingers -- found a whole lot of creepy images! Your picture seems to be from the Chesapeake Bay Alliance: very neat. They go perfectly with your new "head."

    be safe... mae at

  25. Oh my, Nicole, the one near the couch gives me creeps! That face! It is really spooky! Happy that you have thought of biodegradable amid this, so sweet of you.
    The mushrooms really look like palms emerging from the earth!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Nicole!

  26. Very dark and mysterious. I thought those mushrooms were a sculpture of hands coming out of the ground to start with.

  27. Oi Nicole, parabéns pelas obras de arte, ficaram incríveis.

  28. Wow! You hsve been busy ~ so creative with gourd head and acrylic paintings are awesome ~ great artwork ~ Happy Weekend to you ~

    Moment by Moment ~

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  29. Your cake looks delicious, but those fungi gave me the creeps. They are very aptly named. I must stop watching murder films.

  30. Although I do enjoy seeing your dark, mysterious, and ghoulish art projects I can't do it myself. You def. show your passion for it!
    I'm with you on the cake- love to bake but rarely eat it myself:) Your hubby is going to be very happy once he's back from his bloodwork:) Happy PPF!

  31. A full spectrum post today from dark to sweet! I love those beautiful mushrooms - I've never seen anything like it!

  32. Anther creative tool I need to try. Look interesting and fun. Happy PPF
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  33. Love the foggy dark shape image and dead man’s fingers! Gourd is also unsettling, especially the eyes and yellow tongue!

  34. Those mushrooms really seem death man's fingers 🍄🍄🍄
    Nice post!
    Have a nice weekend 🌞

  35. Ooooooh Nicole, I LOVE that Gourdy face!!! His googly eyes are so creepy I'm getting goosebumps lol...well done! :) Your acrylics are great...I love the yellows/oranges turning dark...very mysterious, like an evil being coming closer and closer, ooh! And you know I love your black and whites, that acrylic is fabulous, very creepy!!! You and are are macabre sistas from another mista those mushrooms, I don't know how I'd react to seeing those in the woods!!! Love it! The cake looks great!! :)

  36. Never seen mushrooms like fingesr, wow.Your home protector looks so scary that no fear for burglars :)

  37. That tongue! Now that's definitely an eye-catching piece. I enjoy spice cake, and I'm loving how you did the icing. Looks very tasty :)

  38. I forgot to say, those mushrooms are cool! Big Hugs!