Thursday, January 21, 2021

TAD Board Games And Game Night

I will be honest I wasn't going to join in today because my old brain just couldn't figure out what to post. As a kid with my 5 siblings, we were like most 1950's home, and played all kinds of board games. When I got old the games I played  the first electric games. I was a champion of Pac Man and won $1,000.00 for a Pac Man competition. So much fun. Later I found my favorite game, Mancala. For some reason this appeals to me and I still play it once in a while on line. 

Origin and History of Mancala

Evidence of Mancala games have been found by archaeologists in Aksumite Ethiopia in Matara (now in Eritrea) and Yeha (in Ethiopia), dating back to between CE 500 and 700. The word mancala is derived from the Arabic word naqala, which means "to move." In North Africa and the Mideast, the word mancala refers to a class of game rather than any particular game.

You will see references to the game going back thousands of years. It is a simple enough setup to be played on an earthen surface, with seeds and holes, but the solid archaeological evidence doesn't exist documenting earlier origin.

There are many versions played by nations and peoples throughout Africa, with different names, such as Wari, Warri, Awari, Oware, and Wouri. The game is played in the Baltic areas of Europe but didn't spread through Europe. It traveled with Arab culture and trading to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.


 Head over to Rain's to see what all the other game players are doing today.

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  1. ...I had the same problem, I'm not a game player. But I do remember Mancala.

  2. It's great that you still found something and I saw this board game somewhere as a child, but I also find the stones interesting.
    Take care, hug Elke

  3. Never heard of it. 😏🤷‍♂️

    It sure does look like a fun game, though! 👍🏻

  4. Interesting! I've never heard of mancala before.

  5. The favorite game in our family is WaHoo. We play the McNeese version only. Lots of different boards and rules but ours are set in stone.

  6. Mancala sounds like fun. How many people are needed to play it? Are there any game only one person can play other than solitaire?

  7. I am totally unfamiliar with Mancala. Thanks for the introduction. The only board game we play now is Scrabble.

  8. I don't know this game, it looks interesting! Valerie

  9. I can't remember the last time I played a game apart from Sudoku on my phone!
    Keep safe and well,
    Alison xx

  10. My kids were gifted a Mancala game we never learned how to play, thanks for the video although who knows where the game is. It looks just like your photo.

  11. Pac Man, how cool! I have never heard of Mancala? Very interesting! Big Hugs!

  12. I think I've seen this game many times, but never read about the rules Sounds like a fun and simple game. Enjoy your day! :)

  13. I admit... I´ve never played a computer game (apart from one I programed to prove I can do that and find a job in IT).
    Moorhuhn - ok, I played one game (just the first version).

    Oh, boy, this game sounds complicated!

  14. I'd never heard of Mancala, so that was new to me. It was fascinating to read about its origins and its history. I really learned a lot.

    A friend and I used to play a board game that I surprisingly don't even remember the name of anymore. He got tired of being beaten every time. I was really, really good at it. Everyone I played against said the same thing. My friend got so frustrated, he went out and bought me an electronic edition so I could just try to beat myself. I would win 999 times out of 1000. It's amazing I don't even remember what it was called, now. I just know I was addicted!

    I'm glad you joined TAD this week, because I love learning something new.

  15. We have Mancala but never played it much. It's a pretty game, though, which is nice :)

  16. Oh my Goodness ... I remember seeing students playing this game (Mancala) in the Union when I was in college. I always wondered what it was and now "xxx" number of years later, I have found out. I would tell you how many years, but you wouldn't believe me :0 It sounds like a fun game, as it must be to have lasted so many thousands of years. What an interesting choice and I love that I have learned something new today. Thank you for that, Nicole :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  17. That's really neat Nicole, I liked watching the video, I have never heard of Mancala but it looks like fun! I'm glad you joined in, I think you taught a lot of people this game! And wowza...a grand for Pac Man!!! Ha! That's great! I was big on Spy Hunter. I used to go to arcades and play, I also loved pinball! Great post! :)

  18. This is a game I never heard of, totally unfamiliar to me. Maybe it did not come to Sweden.
    I watched the video but it makes no sence to me.
    Take care!