Friday, January 15, 2021

Floods and Landslides

I mentioned that we had a bad storm. Oh hell, all of our storms are bad. giggle Our fence broke and was fixed yesterday. I have the best landlord anyone could ask for.
As I said before we are luckier than some in this storm.
One of the posts broke, so a major fix.
I always wanted to see the growth behind the fence.
It's a mangled mess, but the workers went behind and 
cut it all back. Yay!
Now you just can't fix stupid.
This is Cushman. The place going out of my town.
It floods ALL THE TIME!
There is a sign that reads
Road Flooded Do Not Enter.
So lets drive your tiny car through it anyway.
Ohhh Engine wet... car dead. Time for a tow truck
 And probably a new engine.  Dumb ass!
A few mile past this flood was also a mudslide. 
So even if you get through the flood you couldn't get by the slide. No traveling east.
It seems that landslides mostly happen at night 
and this person was not so lucky.
This is actually a small slide. However, the tons
of mud, boulders and trees always break the roads.
Ahhhhh winter life on the Oregon coast.
So glad we don't have to go anywhere.
Have a great day.
Be Safe Out There and Wear A Mask

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. That was some storm! Crazy what risks people will take, glad they fixed your fence though.

  2. What a mess! So glad you are ok. The fence did not look too bad, I have seen them blown away in one storm we had one year.

  3. I know what you mean, Nicole. Our street floods on one end. There are a number of signs warning motorists and ways to go around it, but does everyone pay attention? Of course not. The worst was when a school bus driver plowed ahead, got halfway and decided it was not a good choice so tried to back up. Instead the bus slid into a nearby fired destroying a farm sprinkler system. Thank goodness it was an empty bus.

  4. ...seeing that Mini that thinks that it's boat makes me shake my head.

  5. Wow! People can be so dumb. I hope no one was injured during the storm and YAY that your fence was repaired so fast. :)Stay safe and happy PPF!

  6. I think some people check their brains at the door before leaving home!

  7. And I would bet the guy or gal who drove into the flood waters doesn't wear a mask either!

  8. You can't fix stupid alright!!! Glad you got the post fixed!

  9. Boa tarde, se cuida sempre, infelizmente aqui no Rio no verão temos muitas tempestades.

  10. Wow - that is a lot of weather! Stay safe.

  11. What a shame about all the wind and flooding :( You would think people would know better than to drive into that!

  12. I'm glad your fence is fixed! It looks very wet out there. I hope you stay safe too and definitely yes on masks...

  13. You have an awesome landlord. SO glad you can count on him. It may be because you are a good tenant, though.

    Yes, you can't fix stupid. Some people just refuse to accept road signs. I'm just delighted that you are safe and have no place pressing to go. Stay safe, dear.

  14. Wow-it really looks crazy out there! So glad you are safe.

  15. That was a crazy storm! Glad your fence got fixed! Also glad they cut back the trees! Some people are stupid! LOL! Big Hugs!