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Hi Everyone!
I hope this week has started off with goodness for you. But good news!!!! I am finally unpacked. Yep, it is all done. Please, I don't want to move again any time soon. LOL
We all meet some extraordinary people. As much as I dislike technology, I do like the opportunity to meet new and wonderful people. Some who will be my "forever friends" Lynn Lindley is one of those people. She is special in so many ways but today I want to share her art with you. Are you ready to be amazed?
First here is a bio statement off of her website. Then  you get to see art. LOL
Lynn Lindley
Education: B.A. in Art, 1972 - Drawing and Painting
North Texas State University - Denton, Texas
Affiliations:Pastel Society of America - Elected Signature Status Member
Oil Painters of America - Juried Associate Member
Colored Pencil Society of America - Member
Kerrville Art Club (Kerrville, Texas) - Active Artist Member

Honors and Awards:
2013:  Best of Show in Kerrville Art Club's 28th Annual Juried Exhibition for my oil painting, "Late Harvest."
2012:  My oil painting, "Left Behind," took First Place Award in the Kerrville Art Club 27th Annual Juried Exhibition in the Oil Category.
2011/2012:  Awarded "Member of the Year" by Kerrville Art Club.
2010:  My painting, "Late Harvest," was selected as part of the FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in the FineArtViews Painting competition through Fine Art Studio Online.

2013, 2004, and 2001:   "Artist of the Year" by Kerrville Art Club (juried award)

2006, 2003, and 2002:   Best of Show in Kerrville Art Club Annual Juried Exhibition

What inspires me:In my current work, I am focusing on the simple yet intimate still life. Capturing the colors of vibrant fruit and vegetables challenges me, and I enjoy depicting reflections seen in metallic vessels, ceramic pottery, or on shiny tabletops.

Method of working:
In my studio, I arrange my still life with articles of differing sizes, textures, and colors. Lit by a photographer's spotlight, I move elements around until I discover interesting light and shadow forms.

Working from life, I initially complete a sketch using white charcoal pencil on black paper - designing compositional possibilities, and exploring the potential direction of my painting's concept.

From this value drawing in black and white, I fashion abstract patterns, which I will elaborate further in color using oil, pastel, or colored pencil, continuously striving to depict rich luminosity and interesting texture in the details.
Here are just a few of Lynn's outstanding paintings
For those of you who paint, you know how difficult it is to show see through glass. Lynn accomplishes it with perfection
 This is one of my favorites.
 The tatter of the books the stacking of them you can almost see the dust.
 I would love this in my kitchen
 And this one

 And this one too.
This one would have to go in my art room LOL
Now if you think this is where Lynn's talents end you are sooooo mistaken
Check out Lynn's Blog
How beautiful is this?

And this?

To me this is a fun piece to wear every day
Please stop by Lynn's blog and leave a comment. You will be happy to meet and then get to know this lovely lady.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Wow, she does outstanding work, rewarded with awards and that is awesome. How gracious of you to feature her on your blog.:) Have a great week Nicole and thanks for the well wishes.

  2. How nice of you to showplace Lynn and other artists works. You are right, Lynn's work is extraordinary. Each of the paintings are unique and wonderful.

  3. I posted earlier but blogger showed a crash sign and said ERROR..I will try again. It is so nice of you to post Lynn and other artists work Nicole. I do love all of Lynn's paintings. Great subject matter.

  4. Wow! Thanks for introducing us to this versatile artist! Beautiful paintings and bead work!

  5. I am honored and humbled! Thank you, Nicole, for featuring my painting and beadwork ~ what a lovely surprise to see this write-up on your blog. I am touched beyond words. Thank you, "Healing Woman," "Craftymoose Crafts," and "MeOfCourse" for your kind comments and compliments.
    Blessings to all !

  6. Amazing, talented lady! Wow!! So happy you are unpacked ;o)


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