Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hi Everyone!
This will be short. Not feeling well at all today. Thank all of you for your well wishes. The doctor's apt showed in black and white just why and how bad I am feeling. NOT good. My labs are off the charts. It is just a huge lupus flare "attack" I will get it under control and be my old self soon. Ohhh and yes "old" in "self" and in age. Ha ha ha ha..... Never thought I would feel old but lately I have. I DON'T LIKE OLD.  My mind is still young and vibrant. I guess I just need a body transplant. Hmmm something like a tall model body would be nice. LOL  Now that I think of it I would need a brain transplant too. Nothing we can do with what is happening there. I am actually taking some meds from the doctor now. I "WILL" can get back on my feet. My short note turned out pretty long.
I want to wish everyone a most wonderful Valentine's day. Respect, consideration, and love.
Here are few photos of beauty.
The largest cave in the world found in Viet Nam

 Hill side farming in Italy
 The beauty of Arizona

Freedom Park Charlotte , NC .
 The Fly Geyser - Wonder of Nature.   Nevada , US.

Now this is macro

Lenticular Clouds above South Georgia Island .

Land snail of Cuba

Christmas Lights, Selangor , Malays ia .
 'Natural Architecture' of Italy
 Lavender fields of France
 More beauty of Arizona

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Hi! These photos are breathtaking! Have a special and happy Valentines Day. ;)

  2. Nicole, I'm sorry your lupus is flaring so badly! I'll keep you in my thoughts -- and I'll also start working on my present for you, which I'm so excited about I can hardly sit still.


    I hope you feel better very, very soon!

  3. Thanks for sharing the amazing photos! Can you guess which one is my favorite...perhaps the Lavender fields simply because they are purple, but most likely the cacti which I adore. At least there is a cause for why you feel so bad--I have no doubt that you will fight and win this battle! Happy Valentine's Day my dear friend!

  4. I am sending you Big Hugs!! You will get through all of this!! I love the pictures! Wow!!! Happy Valentine's Day ;o) Eat some chocolate ;o)

  5. I like the land snail a lot that is beautiful. Never thought a snail could look so good. Thanks for your visit to my blog, I kind of figured that there were a lot of that going on, on Etsy. I am so over today. Sorry you are not feeling well get better soon. I feel for you since I have fibromyalgia. Take care now.

  6. Wow, these photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing them. Hope your Valentine's Day was an awesome one and age is but a number. It's how we feel inside that counts. You are a beautiful woman with lots of talent. Keep thinking that and hope all works out well health wise. Take care.

  7. And a belated Happy Valentine's Day to you! So sorry to hear you're not feeling your best. You're unfortunately, used to this dance, aren't you? Take good care and come back to us soon!

  8. So sorry to hear you aren't feeling so hot Nicole. I agree with the getting old. The body just doesn't seem to work as well as it once did. I noticed my mother looking at me a few days ago while I was brushing my teeth. I wish you well quickly. Sending healing energy your way.


  9. I do hope you feel better soon! Lovely photos though, must help lift the spirit, if not the body


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