Wednesday, May 16, 2012


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I love it when the UPS man pulls up to my  house when I haven't ordered anything. I usually means that Ray Hemachandra has sent me another great Lark book. This evening I got 4 beautiful books all
by Marthe Le Van.
Now last year I wrote this review on Marthe's 30-Minute Rings. You may remember.
There is no denying it, 2011 is the year of the ring. Designers, including myself, have created and executed rings in every style, size and medium. If you are part of, or want to be part of, the “ring generation” then you must have this book by Marthe Le Van. There are 60 ring projects with easy to read instructions and incredible photos. I will say that this book is for intermediate to advance in metal working. However, I am not a metal worker and I create the first ring project with no problems. What did come across from the 49 designers, is a book that will inspire you to make rings. The ring concepts are modern, fancy, and playful. Pages 8 and 9 are set up with an introduction and what is needed to make the rings. From pages 10 to 128 are projects. The last pages are introductions to the designers. I like the book very much. I wanted to stop what I was doing, clear my space so I could just go make rings. The best part these rings can be made in 30 minutes or less. Each ring is classic.

Now let's add three more of Marthe's books to your collection. How can you go wrong with 30-Minute Necklaces, 30-Minute Earrings or 30-Minute Bracelets?? ohhhhh..... well of course if you make the mistake of the back cover or the bracelet book. I cracked up. Even the big guys can make a mistake. LOL However, when the laughing is over these are very seriously fun jewelry books with 49 jewelry designers lending their talents. From the materials used to the unique styles you will not run out of inspiration to create.

 ISBN 978-1-60059-488-5
 I made the fuchsia circle around the (cough cough) mistake. LOL

ISBN 987-1-60059-487-8

ISBN 978-1-60059-489-2

Each book is laid out out with incredible photographs, easy to follow instructions and the exact materials you will need to create hundreds of jewelry pieces. These four books should definitely be in your collection.

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