Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hi Everyone!

I am in a hurry this morning, got up late and have to be on the road very soon. I am off to my mom's for a few days. A nice 3 hour drive especially this time of year when all the fall colors are in full. I know some of you are in the midst of winter already.
I wanted to thank everyone who has taken advantage of my beading kits. I have all of them priced out at $10.00. If you ever wanted to work with Porcupine Quills I even have an earring kit with those. You can get all of my kits through my Beadwright etsy store. 

Now for some news I don't like giving but it is a must. Due to a few years of bad cotton crops, especially in 2010, Nicole's BeadBacking will be going up in price. Not by much, not by much, however, it is something that I soooo dislike doing. We have tried to keep the price the same but our cost is going up all the time. So with out too much sticker price, beginning Nov 15, 2011 12x9" NBB will be $3.00 a sheet. 9x6" will be $1.50 sheet and sample packs of all 14 colors of NBB will stay the same at $6.00. OK so it isn't as bad as you thought only .50cents and Nicole's BeadBacking is still the best value on the market. So if you need some get it before Nov. 15.
In our Beadwright etsy store or on our Beadwright website for single sheets at

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  1. Love those quill so pretty!!

    Love your beadbacking is a must have. You have such good prices even with a small increase.


  2. Your bead backing is so worth every penny! Have a nice visit with your Mom.

  3. I wouldnt worry about having to increase your price..It is still an extremely good value for such a fantastic product! And being a proud wearer of a pair of your gorgeous porcupine earrings..I can let ya all know that the kit is awesome..the earrings ROCK. I get so many comments when I wear mine!


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