Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hi Everyone!
As you know I have been reviewing books and then giving a copy away courtesy of Lark Books and Sterling Publications. Great news for all of you! Starting with this book review I will be giving away a book a week for the next 10 weeks. Yes, that is 10 different art books. Some glass, some beads, some raku and well you get the idea. So stop by often to see a new and exciting book that you may just win.

The title of my post is, "Earrings remind me to listen." In the early 1980's I was a vendor at art shows across the North and South West parts of the US. My main seller at that time was seed beaded earrings. Mike made wood carved earrings boards for me that held 21 pairs each. If you came to my space back then you would find 20 earring boards lining the back of my tables shining and sparkling with earrings of every size and shape. I have sold more earrings over the years than most stores. When people would ask about my earrings I always finished by telling them, "Earrings remind us to listen." To hear what is around us. That one statement always made the sale. But it is true. I love the music that long dangly earrings make. Or the short close to the lobe jewels sparkle. If you love earrings then this book is for you.
A bounty o f bead + wire earrings
by Nathalie Mornu

Thumbing through the 144 pages of this book is like watching old glam movies. Each page is full of sparkle and glint shine of gold and silver wire. Nathalie Nornu captures your interest through her knowledge of working with wire and embellishments. Packed in the first 30 pages there is a wealth of information in the section of techniques, beads, types of wire, and tools. Weather you are a novice or an experienced wire worker and beader you will gain insight of the dos and don’ts.

There are 50 fabulous projects designed by 24 different artists. (Yes…. some of them are my very good and long time friends.) Each artist brings new and fresh ideas with precise instructions. For me however, the perfect photographs of each pair of earrings brought forth inspiration and eagerness to start creating earrings. Who ever has enough earrings? I have hundreds of pairs and always find the need for more. In this book you will find everything you need to either get started or add to your collection. Page after colorful page will awaken the need to adorn your face with beautiful earrings.

Now all you have to do to win this wonderful book is
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I will draw the winner for this book on Sept 30, 2011

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I LOVE earrings and I have gone to a super short hair style so I NEED this book to make new ones. ;0

    I would love to win. I can always use good inspiration.

  2. I love earrings! I'm never without a pair on!

  3. I blogged your giveaway!

  4. Definitely can never have enough earrings and I do like your 'earrings remind me to listen' quote.

  5. Wow. I'm a great fan of earrings. I'd love the book. And love your words also....

  6. Nicole, I love making earrings. Often they are the perfect touch to really set off the outfit or a new hair do! :)


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