Sunday, September 4, 2011


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Hi Everyone!
I have just finished reading one of the most exciting instructional jewelry books
"Steel Wire Jewelry"
ISBN 978-1-60059-538-7
Lark Crafts an Imprint of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York.

“Stylish designs, simple techniques, artful inspirations” this is so true for Brenda Schweder’s approach to steel wire jewelry.
The beginning of this book delighted me. To see the drafting of an artist’s first thoughts for a finished piece appeals to me. I wanted to see what more there was to this book.

Turn the page and the forward by Keith Lo Bue is in itself flowing poetry for metal art. “Although I was still years away from any organized instruction in metalworking, I was smitten immediately with this annealed, or heat-softened, steel: the buttery give to a tweak of the hand, combined with just enough resistance to remind you that you weren’t in Copperland any more” For those of us who have art in our soul can relate to Keith’s description of a raw art material. Again I wanted to see more. After reading Brenda’s introduction and the back cover I felt like I could hang out with her. She is so passionate about the expression of her art that it is contagious. So what is this book really about? It is about taking a centuries old material, steel wire, and creating structure, beauty and refinement in home d├ęcor and jewelry. Each page tells a story of steel wire. Along with instructions of how to use it, care for it, and create with it. I liked that when a question came to me it was actually answered in the details of this remarkable book. The section on “Jewelry Building Blocks” is described perfectly with amazing clear photos to back it all up. When you practice the techniques described you will then be able to incorporate them to your designs; steel wire will come alive. Brenda claims that the 128 pages and 30 plus project illustrated in her book are for beginners, however, I find that even the intermediate and advanced steel metal artist will be inspired. The more I read through this book the more I want to put my seed beads aside and head to the garage for some steel wire.

To win this book simply leave a comment on this post. Blog, FB, or Tweet about it and come back to tell me about it for extra chances to win. I will draw the winner on Sept. 5, 2011

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  1. I just happened to pick this book up two days ago because I wanted to learn more about using steel wire and the jewelry in this book is outstanding! Your winner will be thrilled to receive this book...enjoy your day!

  2. Oh wow- this looks like an interesting book. I am not a wire wrapping kind of person but it makes me want to try it!!

  3. Would love to win this book!! thanks for the opportunity

  4. Hi! My great-niece is 12 years old and showing a lot of promise as a jewelry designer. We both enjoy creating jewelry with steel wire..This book would be fun and really help us out a lot!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  5. I feel as if it's time to step out of the bed box more often and experiment with other related media. This looks very appealing to me and like something I could tackle. The possibilities seem endless and who wouldn't want such an informative book?.


  6. That looks like a great book! Thanks for your generosity.

  7. Wooohooo! I saw this book at B&N. Looks great! And speaking of great...I LOVE your bead backing. It's the best! Thanks for giving us all a chance to win this book. :D

  8. this looks like an interesting book, I would love to win it, as I don't have much experience in wire work

  9. Working with steel wire intrigues me having grown up near Cleveland, OH, a great steel making city, and now living just south of the iron ore rich Upper Peninsula of Michigan! It also is affordable and has a look that coordinates well with gem stones. Thanks for the offer!

  10. Now this is a book I could really wrap myself in..hehe!! Of course I would love to win this but will be happy for whom ever is picked.


  11. Hi!

    Here I come to thank you for your visit to my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment, and I find you're hosting such a great giveaway!
    Of course I'd love to win this book... My hands are eager to start experimenting with what it has to teach! ;)

    Oh, by the way, I won 2nd place in the contest! Wooohoo!

    Cris, from DeCris Creations - Blog
    DeCris Creations on Artfire

  12. Oh what a fabulous book - I've been wanting to work with the steel wire.

  13. This book looks interesting!! Now that gives me more excuses to come and visit with my eldery father and to go into his garage to look for the old wires, it would be good to start with his old wires to work with and to practice with!
    I'd be proud to have that book!

  14. This book looks interesting!! Now that gives me more excuses to come over to my eldery father to visit and go into his garage to look for old and odd wires to make something different from your book, I'd be very proud to own this book!

  15. Nicole, you know wire fascinates me. Sometimes I'm feeling all seed beady... other times give me my pliers and let me wrap loops and swirls and curly q's! I think this book would be awesome for inspiration and learning how to work with a more rigid wire because copper.... it's a softie! ;)

    Thanks for hosting! {Hugs!}

  16. Maybe it's time to start wire-work?? If I will win - sure. Anyway I love the book and like so much Your words about it.

  17. I saw this online and thought it would be a great book to have and would love to work w/this type of wire, too!!
    Posting to twitter right now! :)

  18. My first love is wirework and I have heard wonderful things about this book. I would love to give it a good home.

  19. I tweeted about the giveaway.!/Shaiha_/status/109709208693374976

  20. I shared the giveaway on FB

  21. Hi Florence! How are you?
    I knew your blog thanks to Las Creaciones de Boricua. She's my friend.
    I'm already following your blog!!
    Greetings from Panama!!

  22. Looks like an amazing book! Would absolutely love to have it to work with :) I posted on my FB business page, personal, and twittered :) Thank you for the chance, Nicole!

  23. I have various gauges of steel wire but have never considered using it for jewelry so this book intrigues me. Would love to win it but if I don't, I'll see if any of our local book stores have it.

    Glad to read in another post that your mother is feeling a little better.

  24. Yay I didn't miss it.
    Oh I could use this book!
    I just started carrying steel wire, how perfect!!
    Thanks for the chance Nicole, this is a great review!

  25. This is one of the most artistic looking rings I have ever seen. Glad you are inspired to work with wire. Got fingers (ring fingers) crossed that I win! Thanks for offering the giveaway too Nicole.

  26. I can't believe I don't have this book already - and can't wait to make that ring. pick me! please!!

  27. Steel Wire Jewelry looks to be a fabulous read! I love the fact it includes beginner instructions for people like myself. I have a lot of ideas in mind but problems in executing them. I think this book is what the doctor ordered!


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