Friday, June 24, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Today I will be having lunch with my beading pals. We have all been so busy, or not feeling well this year, that we have missed our weekly get-together. So today we are meeting in Old Town at one of our favorite places to eat. It is a nice time we have sharing EVERYTHING and just relaxing.
I am looking forward to this day.
A nice surprise this morning when I clicked onto Debbie's Craftymoose blog she is always coming up with some extraordinary piece of bead work. She creates the most incredible french flower art. Lately she has been making beaded cuffs. She uses Nicole's BeadBacking as the canvas and then creates her beaded flowers on top. I love that. The cuff that Debbie finished and posted today is spectacular!!! You have to read her post about how she came about this. In the mean time this is the finished piece. I love it!!!

Debbie takes pride in that every stitch is perfect and her finished work is as pretty as the focal. A true artist.

Now for all of my loyal and wonderful users of Nicole's BeadBacking I am asking a favor. It isn't a big favor and it won't cost you any money LOL Jennifer from Beading Daily was kind enough to blog about Nicole's BeadBacking. It helps her if comments are left on her post. So my favor is to head over to Beading Daily and click on the article about Nicole's BeadBacking and leave a comment. Thank you sooooo  much!!!!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. It is gorgeous !!!
    I'm off to read her blog and leave a comment.

  2. I saw this on Debs site this morning. It is awesome. One of my favorites of her pieces so far. Have fun at your lunch!!

  3. Ohhh Debbie never ceases to amaze me with her beadwork. This one has to be my all time is so lovely. (but OMGOSH I so hope I never really have to chose just one..I couldn't do it..LOL)

    I love using your beadbacking and will go over and leave a comment for you.

    Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your lunch!!


  4. Nicole, I'm blushing! Thanks for the nice shout out! I can't say enough how enjoyable it is working with your Beadbacking. The range of colors is fabulous!


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