Monday, March 1, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I was feeling pretty low today. I have a million things to do and lupus just won't leave me alone. However, I am up long enough to show off my last win from OWOH giveaway. It is something I thought I really needed. Something for my kitchen, something to use everyday. OOOOHHHHH NOOOOOO these are so pretty and well made that I could never use them in the kitchen or for any mundane purpose. Ohhhh you want to know what it is?? I am the very happy and proud owner of a set of hand knitted dish cloths from Kathleen of
Four Miles North of Nowhere. Well let me tell you that her knitting is so superb and the textures or each cloth so interesting that they are by no means going in the kitchen. Oh, I already said that. The colors just happen to be my most favorite combos in all the world. Noooo these will go no where near my kitchen. (repeat again) These beauties will be used for an art project. Thank you so much Kathleen for your wonderful gift to me and for making my day happier.
Stop by and see Kathleen she just changed the background on her blog. It looks fantastic!!!

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. you have NOT received your last package from OWOH, thanks to PPP, like me (people w/procrastination problems:)
    I've packed a large bag of stuff... remember the jewelry repair parts and beads I offered and you won?? I will get it out within the next couple of days, I promise. I believe you've already sent me your address.
    I think we've already talked about the auto-immune stuff - I have a type of arthritis like RA, with horrible fatigue (one of the reasons I became a PPP:() Sounds like this time of year isn't good for you either.
    I am so sorry to read about the recent death of your sister. I am so very, very sorry and cannot imagine how difficult this has been for you, especially after her husband's passing. Sorry to bring it all up, I just wanted to say that even though we have never met, because of you I will remember to say "I Love You" a bit more often. Thank you for that.
    Peace and blessings

  2. Nicole, those are beautiful. Congrats on your win! I'm sorry you are so sick. It saddens me that there is so much sickness in this world. Take care, my thoughts are on you. I'll say a prayer for you Nicole.

  3. Hi Nicole Congratulations They look lovely I wouldnt want to use and ruin them either.How nice to win handmade gifts. Thank you so much for sharing, will visit again soon, Sincerely, Jonny

  4. OHhh...these are pretty darn cool ! I kitchen use..haha. You can hang them as art!

  5. The color and textures in your new dish cloths are so pretty! Congrats!

  6. Nicole, thanks for your sweet words. I'm so glad they went to a good home. :)

    And I am so happy to read Patti's, not because my package wasn't your last. But because I have that problem too, and finally it has a name! PPP...people w/ procrastination problems. I love it! Well...I don't love the problem, but love the name. :)



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