Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hi Everyone!
 I had a very busy day yesterday. In order to continue to have busy days I do take a rest for several hours. It is just an agreement between lupus and I.  During my nap I was dreaming of my sister. She was beautiful as ever, in a place I didn't recognize. We were about to speak to each other when Mike gently woke me, then handed me a package. I knew immediately what was inside. The wonderful art of Gina Luna. I was one of 7 winners of her incredible art dolls. I had my choice and hands down for me was Moon Goddess. As I unwrapped this treasure I began to cry. The dream of my sister, the spirit of this doll flowed together. It is as if my sweet wonderful sister had her hand on the giveaways that have come to me. Thank you so much Gina for making me your next choice. I will cherish my Moon Goddess. She has a special place among my Fairies.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Nicole, your post brought a tear to my eyes. So beautiful and your doll is incredible and has made it's journey home.

  2. what a lovely post - and the Moon Goddess doll is fabulous!

  3. timing is everything, isn't it? Oh my gosh, this moon goddess was already beautiful, and now she is even more so.

    I am sure Gina is thrilled that her goddess is safe and sound in her new home.

  4. Such a lovely moon goddess! It is a treasure to behold, and how blessed you are to have it!

  5. Nicole, she's just gorgeous! And, she couldn't have found a better home.


  6. Hi Nicole. Hope you are doing okay. What a great win on the giveaway. The goddess is beautiful, lucky you. It's good to dream of loved ones and receiving the doll at that such time does give room for thought. Be well and congrats.

  7. Nicole, I am so happy you won the Moon Goddess. She is so serene & beautiful, and I am glad that she will always be connected with a pleasant dream of your sister.

  8. What wonderful love the moon goddess has brought you. That is some powerful dreaming Nicole!

    Thank you so much Nicole for coming over and adding your comfort! I appreciate you and our new friendship very very much.
    Blessings all over you.

  9. Wow, she IS divine! What a fabulous gift. Thanks for the kind comments, Nicole, you do fabulous work!


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