Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fabulous Flip Flops

A while back I wrote this introduction about Carol, a most wonderful lady. With summer fast approaching I wanted to re-introduce her and to remind all of you of her very creative FLIP FLOPS. Read the post below and then stop by her Artfire Store

I have the pleasure of introducing to you one of the nicest people I know. Carol Coupland. She has the spirit of lively filly that races across the fields. She tackles life with all she has and comes out laughing on the other side. I fell head over heals LOL! with her Fabulous Flip Flops!!! Summer is fast approaching and what a better way than to wear these creative and fun foot ware. Carol takes the ordinary and creates the extraordinary just for you! Her prices are excellent as well. Head over to Carol's Artfire store and stock up now. The closer to summer we get the faster these Fabulous Flip Flops will go. She will also accept special orders.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Fabulous flipflops - I am a big lover of flipflops! I bought several pair almost exactly like these a couple of years ago at "Bizarre Bazare" in Richmond, VA ~ I wonder if it was her??

  2. Those flip-flops are fab.. no wonder you are smitten Nicole, ...thanks for your comment .. I hope I can start on the glass beads.. it may prove to be really expensive.. so it will take some planning and saving !!! Will keep my fingers crossed :)

  3. hi nice blog i like it good job we can all use some help i hope you follow my blog to.

  4. Now they are just too cool for words...I fear, though, that the goats would nibble a bit too much at them ;)


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